Do you know about Gas lighting ?

Do you know about Gas lighting ?

I am sure most of us would not be sure about the meaning or definition of Gaslight.

It is basically a mindful tactic to gain more power over someone. It makes a person susceptible of his or her own reality. . In other words I would say gas lighting means influencing someone’s perception about his/her own self in a negative manner and that too slowly.

A person using gas lighting tactic can be called an abuser or a dictator and the one upon whom the tactics are used is called a target or a victim.

Let us talk about a psychological thriller-Gaslight (an American movie) where a husband dictates a wife’s mind to the extent that she starts believing that she is losing her mind. Her husband tells her that how she’s becoming forgetful and fitful. Gradually she becomes susceptible of gas lighting and her husband keeps telling others that she is not well.

Gas lighter usually will tell you lies or something negative about you, like “I said you other day, but you always forget”.

We can witness such things in our day to day life also-like with a boss in office, who keeps telling that you have missed all the guidelines given by him to complete the project whereas actually he had not given any specific instructions. Or that you have taken all the irrelevant points whereas all these were suggested by him only but upon confrontation he denies to suggest any such points.

At home: Where a husband keeps telling wife “You don’t know anything about money, house budget or saving”. He keeps claiming to be a single earner and financial planner. Slowly wife starts believing that she is not good in financial planning.

Though gas lighting can be seen in any kind of relationship where two persons are involved and one of them is too attached that cannot afford to lose the other one, there may be a boss, a friend, boy/girl friend, partner, sibling or even parents.

Truth is that we all are gas lighted at some or other point in life. It is important to notice, understand and point out the behaviour of a gas lighter. If you leave it unnoticed it may have harmful impact on your mental health.  

Interesting fact: The term has been everywhere since Donald Trump’s inauguration, so much so that the Oxford Dictionaries named it one of the most popular words of 2018:

Madhu Dhiman

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