Know the journey of this eminent writer- Latha Prakash

Know the journey of this eminent writer- Latha Prakash

'I am a blogger.' As I tell this aloud myriad emotions churn in my heart. Was becoming a blogger my goal? Did I work towards it from my childhood? The answer is no. I had never planned or aspired to be a blogger.

I was but never did I write anything other than school essays and prescriptions in the later stages of my life. In January 2020 I had given up my job to embark on my new journey, my married life. I was of the idea that I would resume working after a few months. But destiny had different plans for me.

The minuscule virus had invaded the world, bringing it to a standstill and it poured cold water on my plans. I tried to sink in the fact that I may not able to resume work for a few months. The household chores kept me busy and I indulged in some Diy arts. But after a few days, the mundane chores had engulfed me and I began to suffer from monotony syndrome. Everything around me seemed gloomy and I felt that I was unproductive. My mind was overcast.

In November 2020, one of my next of kin had suggested that I began writing. I laughed at her idea initially but later gave in. I began writing quotes and captions at first and my journey with The Pink Comrade began in January 2021. I took many steps and tried my best to improve and write better every day.

The first blog I wrote on The Pink Comrade is Her solo trip. When I won the best blog title for A woman's life in a nutshell my joy knew no bounds. It was a morale booster. From then on I began to attempt every prompt with great gusto. The prompt The day I met a sex worker had coerced me to push my limits and shed my inhibitions. Writing a love story was an equally difficult task. The different prompts made me think and explore new horizons. While a few of my blogs were well received a few of them were flop shows. There were days I hit a new low and was unable to write a single word. Sometimes not finding my name in the winner's list fills me with dejection.

After having a good rant session I resume writing with enthusiasm. I love to pen fiction stories rather than writing about my own experiences. Blogging has given wings to my imagination. Writing adds value to my otherwise mundane days.

The secret to writing better is,

Writing consistently

Reading more.

I try to read every article that comes my way. I spend time reading novels and nenenewspapers. I am always in the quest to improve and hone my writing skills. Writing has been an enriching experience and I am looking forward to writing more in the days to come.

I would like to thank the entire team of The Pink Comrade for embracing me with open arms and constantly supporting me and encouraging me. I would also like to thank my fellow bloggers and readers for standing by my side.

Also, I would like to thank the team of The Pink Comrade for choosing me to be one of the top bloggers.

Thank you for reading this blog of mine.



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