Towards a better future

Towards a better future

"Maa, when will Sonia be back?"

Five-year old Ryan's question made Rajita look up from her laptop.She ruffled his hair and hugged him right.

" Say na,maa.You know she hasn't skipped school for such a long period of time ever since we joined.I so miss her."A tear trickled down his cheek.

Rajita felt a shiver down her spine.The heinous incident which took the social media by storm only few months ago was still fresh in all of their minds.

Ryan and Sonia were best of friends right from the first day of their school.Everything was perfect until that fateful day...

The school premises was empty except the two of them.Both of their parents who were about to pick them up,were running late that day.They informed respectively to the school principal over phone who in turn assured them about their kids' safety and that they were in safe custody with the school guard Panchanan who was a favourite among the little bundles of joy.While playing their hide and seek, Ryan felt to urge to visit the washroom,only to sprint out of it moments later as a scream had erupted from the backyard of the school.

Ryan reached there only to find his best friend rolling on the ground,crying and screaming at the top of her lungs,blood stains all over her skirt.Seeing Panchanan dada standing at a distance,ashen faced,his little brain felt something wrong had happened.He pulled Sonia up from the ground and went towards the main gate where both of their parents just reached.

The news of molestation of a five-year old school girl spread like a fire within evening.Sonia's medical examinations showed evidence of forceful fingering into her private parts and Panchanan was arrested the following day. The ever chatty little kid almost turned into a living corpse after returning from hospital. She threw tantrums,refused meals and retreated to the corner of her room if anybody apart from her parents approached her.

Rajita sighed.That filth of a human will never know what ruckus had been created in a delicate mind.She hugged Ryan tighter.Now is the time.Truth needs to be told the way it is.

"Dear.Remember once I told you about good and bad touches?Just one thing.If anyone touches you or wants to play with you in a manner you find disapproving,never hesitate to stand up for yourself.And there's nothing to be ashamed of.Feel free to tell me or your father about the incidents.And as for your other friends, be with them.

" Does a kid need to know such things?Besides, Ryan is a boy.He would never face such problems." Rajita's mother-in-law said irritably.

" Mom, a child abuser never differentiates between kids.Besides, today's well-informed  kids will be responsible citizens of the country tomorrow.Right from the tender age,they must learn the basics of conduct and start valuing 'consent'." Rajita spoke firmly.

" Here,little one.Sonia will be back very soon.She is a brave girl.I have a surprise announcement for you,though.We'll be visiting Sonia tomorrow...."

For the first time in days, Ryan smiled brightly and kissed his mother.

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