A Musical love story!"#blog prompt

A Musical love story!"#blog prompt

"Can we go out to supper today, Ankur?" I'm sick of staying at home all day. It's been so long..." Before Sonali could finish her statement, the door closed. Ankur had departed for work without even listening to her.

"How could he hear her voice while the jukebox was blasting at full volume?" Sonali wondered.

"Dil ke armaan ansuon mein beh gaye..." began to play from the movie Nikaah. Sonali was amused when she heard Alexa play this song. "See, even Alexa understands how my heart feels," Sonali muttered.

Meet Sonali, a Mumbai-based homemaker who lives with her family. She has always been a huge movie lover who never misses any of the romantic films. She imagined herself as the protagonist of love stories shown on the silver screen when she was a teenager. She adored the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. She imagined that her prince charming would arrive on a white horse to take her away. Humming the song "O mere sapnon ke saudagar, Mujhe Aisi jagah leja..." from the movie Dil hai ki manta nahi was her favourite pastime back then.

With time, she became more realistic, and the horse was replaced with a magnificent motorcycle, similar to Hrithik Roshan's CBR in Kaho na pyar hai. She always fantasised about meeting Hrithik Roshan at a traffic light in Mumbai after seeing Kaho na pyar hai.

The DJ was playing "Kehna hi kya, yeh nain ek anjaan se ja mile..." from the movie Bombay in the background when Sonali encountered Ankur at the college fest. For both of them, it was love at first sight. They had begun dating each other and decided to marry after four years of courting. Because Ankur and Sonali were of the same caste, their families had no concerns about getting into a relationship. Sonali was overjoyed since she had always wished for a love marriage.

She and Ankur had moved to Mumbai after their marriage. The first two years of her marriage were full of romance, and she relished every moment of it. After her daughter Shalu was born, she became more focused on the baby, and Ankur grew busy with his career.

Years passed, and the romance in Sonali and Ankur's lives gradually faded. Sonali thought, "I don't suppose he even recalls today's date." In the background, she could hear the song "Main koi aisa geet gaun, ke aarzoo jagaun..." from the film Yes Boss. While looking for the remote, Sonali screamed, "Oh! why is Alexa reminding me of my former days today!" She was upset since it was her birthday and no one had yet wished her. Shalu and Shwet, her children, were too engaged with their academics to spend much time at home.

Sonali was wallowing in her current predicament, unsure whether Ankur still loved her or not. "Was he having an affair?" Sonali wondered as she started the washing machine. She got ready to go out and purchase groceries after finishing her domestic tasks.

The song from Coolie No. 1 was playing in the autorickshaw: "Main toh raste se ja rahi thi, main toh bhelpuri kha rahi thi..." "Is God currently playing antakshari with me? I'm not sure why I'm hearing so many tunes today," Sonali mumbled as she gazed up at the sky.

She returned home and turned on the television, surfing the channels. "Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil ho jaye..." Sonali was lost in her memories as she saw Vinod Khanna and Meenakshi dancing and singing from the movie Jurm.

Ankur and Sonali used to be the college's loved pair. They used to be adored by everyone. Back then, their love for one other was the talk of the town. Their regular retreats were long bike rides in the rain and visits to Anna's tea stand in the civic centre.

Sonali smiled as she remembered those experiences. How many times did Sonali fantasise about performing the song "Kaante nahi katate din ye raat.... I Love You" from Mr. India? Those were her favourite memories from her love story.

What had happened to her love? Was this the end of their love story?

Sonali was at a crossroad after twenty years. Was this the case for every couple who had previously been passionately in love? Why wasn't life like a movie with a joyful ending, Sonali wondered?

Ankur arrived late from work at night. He was on his phone and eventually emerged dressed in a suit. "Sonali, are you still not ready? Did you forget yet again? We have to attend my boss's birthday celebration today," Ankur remarked irritably. Sonali was certain Ankur hadn't told her, but arguing with him was pointless. She hurriedly changed into a saree that had previously been Ankur's favourite. She exited the room after applying minimal make-up. Ankur was already on his way to his car.

Ankur didn't say anything on the way. Sonali switched on the radio and heard, "Kya khub lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho..." from Dharmatma. It made Sonali grin, and she said, "At least this radio understands when to compliment."

When they arrived at the venue, Ankur directed her to the garden while he went to park the car.

"Surprise!" said everyone at once.

Sonali was shocked to see her parents, in-laws and brother. Shalu, Shwet as well as many of her close friends were also there.

Sonali moved her gaze to the gate, where Ankur started singing the song "Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh... aur bhi haseen ho jati hai..." from the film Sholay.

Sonali's eyes were welling up with tears. Her family was celebrating her birthday in such a cinematic manner. Her fantasies were becoming a reality. Ankur had thoughtfully prepared the surprise and had even invited their parents to join them in the party.

Love, indeed, was still in the air.

Dear Readers,

I attempted to write this love tale with some famous Bollywood songs playing in the background since I believed a love story without music would be unjustifiable. I hope you like it, and remember that love never fades. We need to reignite it with time. So, take advantage of the monsoon season with your better half. Those who are single might enjoy the rains while listening to the song "Bheegi Bheegi raaton mein, Mithi mithi baaton mein, Aisi barsaato mein, Kaisa lagta hai..." from the film Ajanabee. Please provide your thoughts in the comments section. I enjoy reading all of them.



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