A refreshing staycation

A refreshing staycation

"Let's go for a day trip." Insisted Neeru to her husband Niraj. "The kids also need a break."

"This Sunday I'm busy. Will soon plan a vacation," answered Niraj while working at his laptop.

Neeru knew Niraj was keeping very busy lately. The new project was taking away all his time. He had no time for family. Due to the pandemic, they had not  travelled since a year.

Niraj loved travelling, and hence they usually went for exotic locations once a year for a week.  

But Neeru was against such travels.  Her argument was, "A vacation needs lots of time, funds, preparations and management. We save the whole year and then spend it all at once on vacations. Instead we can always go for a day trip (staycation) in and around the city once a month.  This way, we get to know our city and state well and also get rejuvenated every month. The children can also feel their connect with their native place and roots."

Men are men. Niraj never listened to her. They never experienced any staycations,  but never missed their vacations. 

Last year was harsh. Forget travelling, they couldn't even step out of the house. Children were going crazy and making  Neeru crazy in turn. 

Neeru googled a few locations around her city. There were a few locations within a few kilometres, which can be reached in an hour or two.  Due to the pandemic, anyway they were not interested in prominent locations which were usually flooded.

"Vacation has to wait till the pandemic is over. Till then, let's plan a staycation, in which we won't be stepping out of the car for much, neither we'll be dining out. So this Sunday, let's go out."

Niraj was convinced and they planned their trip.

Neeru got up early and prepared meals  for the day. She packed various tiffin boxes, water bottles and dry snacks.  They started at around 8 AM. They first went to a bird sanctuary. They saw different types of birds, their flights and also a woodpecker and it's nest.  Kids just enjoyed being there. They got out of the car only when there were less people around. 

Next they went to a small lake. There were few visitors, but they didn't opt for the boat ride. Instead they sat near a small hut. There was a small swing made of an old tyre. Kids enjoyed swinging there. As the place was peaceful, they had their lunch there, which tasted too good and different in a new location.  

The place was very peaceful and they just enjoyed there being close to mother earth. Neeru showed the kids around the small hut and made them realise how people can live in less. They just enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere there and left the place promising to return again. 

Then they visited an old ruins. It was a lastest discovery and was called a part of the Harappan civilization. Neeru showed the kids how people of the old era lived...their houses and tools.  And how the villages were planned. 

Thus, they ended their trip and returned home. Travelling for a day in the car was definitely tiring for all, but they reached home rejuvenated. This staycation added more zeal in their life.

Niraj understood that such staycations are necessary in your otherwise mundane life.  Such trips add more flavours to your life, and make your life more colourful.

Within a few days, the second wave of pandemic arrived which was more terrible than before. Hence, they were happy they went out in the right time, as now again they were under house arrest 

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