A Woman's Life In A Nutshell

Hi dear give me the permission to pour my heart to you, When I was around ten years old I overheard my father tell my mother, "Let us get Amit enrolled in an international school."

A Woman's Life In A Nutshell

Hi dear give me the permission to pour my heart to you, When I was around ten years old I overheard my father tell my mother, "Let us get Amit enrolled in an international school."

My mom replied, "What about Rita?" 

"She will continue studying in the same school. Investing in her education is a waste of money. She is just a guest here. Her true place in with her future inlaws." He replied sternly.

I was taken aback. "Am I not entitled to receive a good education?" I thought to myself.

I never plucked up the courage to question my dad on the same.

When I attained puberty my mom stopped me from taking part in any outdoor games.

"You are a grown-up girl now. Lend me a helping hand in the kitchen. That is where a woman belongs." She said.

I nodded my head pushing all my dreams under the carpet.

At this point, I take pride in saying I am a self-made woman. I took up a job as a journalist. I was elated at the fact that I am an independent woman now.

But this happiness did not last for long. After six months a proposal came for me.

"The boy is highly educated and has a lucrative job. Rita is very lucky." Said, my mother, her eyes beaming with happiness.

"They do not want dowry. All they want is their daughter in law to be a housewife and take care of their family." Said my dad.

My world came to a halt on hearing that. I mustered courage for the first time and said, "I do not want to get married. I want to continue working and be an independent woman."

"Stop daydreaming and do as we say." Ordered my father sternly.

I looked at my mother hoping she would support me.

"Your husband is working and that money is sufficient for you to live comfortably. Don't make us hang our head in shame in front of society." Said, my mom.

I once again nodded my head in affirmation.

I entered my new abode with a heart filled with hope. I served my inlaws with devotion. I loved my husband dearly.

My life was confined within the four walls 

It came to my notice that my mister does not like cauliflower. On the contrary, it was my favourite. I immediately stopped making cauliflower curry at home. I like to adorn my hand with bangles. The tinkling sound it made, filled me with joy.

One day my husband said, "Stop wearing that cheap glass bangles. Why don't you wear those gold ones that I bought for you?"

"I like these glass bangles" I murmured. But did not say it loud as I did not want to hurt him.

One more desire I buried under the carpet.

After a year we were blessed with a baby boy. He was the apple of my eye.

My world revolved around him. I had the habit of reading a book for thirty minutes every day at night after getting free from the chores. I called it a day with a book in my hand.

Now my baby needed my undivided attention. I gave up my hobby.

When my son was in his preteens I got a letter inviting me to our college reunion.

When I asked my mister for his consent he rubbed it off saying, "If you leave who will take care of my family in your absence?

I killed one more desire of mine.

When my son secured the first position in his tenth grade we hosted a home party. My cousin sister was also invited.

She said," Rita why don't you dance to our favourite song? Your dance is a treat to our eyes."

"You know jiju your wife is a great dancer and an amazing choreographer. She used to teach all of us." She continued.

"Oh, this is news to me." My husband smirked.

On my son pleading me to dance I gave in.

That night my husband ridiculed me and said, "Next time I don't want you to dance. I don't want my wife to tie anklets. Remember you are from a respectable family."

I wanted to say, "What does dance has to do with your prestige?" But like always could not gather the courage.

I burned one more desire of mine to ashes.

After twenty years my son got married. I made sure my daughter in law doesn't have to face the same plight as me.

I wanted her to have all the happiness in the world.

In the pursuit of supporting her, I had to face my family's wrath.

After ten years my son and daughter in law shifted overseas for their job.

I felt a void in my life.

I never asked anyone for anything but for the first time, I asked my son if he can shift back to India.

He rejected my plea saying, "This assignment is crucial for my career."

"I understand." saying so I  wished him all the best.

I lost my identity, self-esteem but I did not want to lose myself.

At the age of fifty much to the dislike of my husband, I took my freelance journalism. I found gratification in it.

Today my granddaughter is coming to meet me for the first time. I am thrilled to meet her.

I have many stories to tell her. I want to go out with her holding her hand and make her my best friend.

I always dreamt of watching a movie with her, dining outside and hop along her side enjoying an ice cream.

Let me see what is in the fold for me.

I want to apologise that I will not be able to spend time with you for a few days. I will see you soon.

On reading this the diary slipped from Tia's hands and she ran and hugged her grandmom.

"Come on granny. Let's go and live your dream. Enough of you living for others. Now is the time you begin living for yourself.

" Woman has the most unique character like salt. Her presence is never remembered but Her absence makes everything tasteless. Let everyone understand my granny's value" She said and dragged me out of the kitchen.

After ten days

"You are classy and fabulous granny. Remember you are the heroine of your life. It is time you clear those things under the carpet. " said Tia and kissed her granny bidding adieu and promising her to return soon.

Hello, my dear friend,

We watched a movie. She bought me glass bangles. We danced and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. I feel like I am born again. Not everyone gets a second chance. I will use this opportunity that has come knocking at my door.

"Enough of sorrow. I will fill you with happiness." wrote Rita smiling.

Her friend the diary smiled back.

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