Am I perfect? Ah! Maybe

Am I perfect? Ah! Maybe

Google says 'perfect' means- "completely good or devoid of any faults and weaknesses". 

Really! Is it even possible for a being to be without any faults and weaknesses ever? Because I have always been inculcated since childhood that nobody and nothing is perfect.

Honestly! At least I don't belong to this godly species of 'perfect' beings.

So, if you ask me- Am I perfect? My reply would be "No", definitely not. Or, ah! maybe. If only we could re-structure the definition of being perfect and consider circumstantial perfections. 

You see! I may not be a magnificent and brilliant chef de cuisine at my home, who phenomenally prepares more than a hundred varieties of foods in and out. I may often goof-up with my 'Thai-curry', but, I am certainly perfect at serving finger-licking simple, yet, delicious meals to my loving family, thrice a day, that adequately fulfills their nutritional requirement for every day. My perfectly round Rotis, brilliantly do their job of pleasing my family's appetite and blessing them with a burp of satisfaction. 

My perfectly cooked 'Indo-Italian' pasta is at all-time demand at my husband's workplace. (And it inflates his chest too! Haha!)

I may not be a perfect resource or candidate when it comes to the job-front, but, I am considerably perfect at striking the right work-life balance for myself and extend a hand of help to my co-workers in the times of their need, to share that extra load of work. 

I also proudly wear the badge of dependency, that my boss and my colleagues show at me when they know that they can trust me and look forward to me, in times of crisis.

I may not be the perfect lovey-dovey and a figure-flaunting yummy-mummy to my kids, but I am undoubtedly the perfect mommy that my kids need. A mom that balances and serves an equivalent proportion of love, care and pamper, as well as, discipline, strictness, and punishment. Somewhere deep down, I realize and know that no one can shape my kids to be the best version of themselves, better than me. (Actually, applicable to every darling mommy out there.)

I may not be a perfect wife, who is a dream-girl or goddess for her husband's fantasy. Yet, I am perfect at considerably showering him with the moments of love and affection that he deserves. 
I may not be perfect at understanding in and out of his work, but, I am outstandingly perfect at understanding his moods and patterns even before he realizes them. I perfectly know what he likes and when. 

I am perfectly accomodating, to his random and last moment surprises when he invites all his gang at home and looks forward to some lip-smacking home-cooked delicacies for all.  

I may not be the ideal-'bahu', my in-laws would have always expected, but, I am perfect at understanding that they deserve respect, no matter what and that their opinions matter. We may not be melodiously tuned-in, but, we are happily and perfectly co-existing.

I may not be a perfect daughter to my parents, but, I am doubtlessly sure that they have never regretted, having me as their female-child.

I change and move into many hats in a day and during my entire life. And of course, not every hat fits me perfectly or that I am even made for it. But, yes! I know that I give my cent percent while juggling through each and all hats and never let any of them fall. 

If this is perfection, yes! I am 'perfect' in my own way and if this is not, nevermind!. I am happily and enjoyingly 'me'.

Thank you for reading!

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