An Inspiration To Many

An Inspiration To Many

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. - Confucius.

We all know the importance of education in our lives yet there were times we had felt pressured because of academics. The thought of quitting school must have crossed the times of many at some point in time or another.

As it is said, You don't realise the value of something when you have it or until you lose it. Ask the importance of education to that child who craves to go to school but is coerced to work to earn the daily bread. But an uneducated yet visionary has gifted many children with education. He has sowed the seeds of hope in the hearts of the underprivileged.

He is none other than a sixty-six-year-old orange vendor Harekala Hajabba.
This great soul from Mangalore has brought a revolution in rural education by constructing a school in Harekala- Newpadpu district village in Mangalore.

He has been awarded the Padma Shri award for the same. He has been selling oranges at Mangalore bus depot since 1977. He's never been to school. He informed the reporters that the desire to bring revolution in education came to his mind in 1978 when a foreigner asked him the cost of orange and he couldn't respond.

He said that he knew to speak only in Kannada and was depressed as he couldn't speak to and help a foreigner. The school started with 28 students and now accommodates 175 students.

He wishes to invest the prize money in the construction of more schools in the village. He has also requested Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to construct a college in his village.

Isn't he an inspiration to all of us? He surely knows the value of education than most of us. Isn't it?

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