Apple Jam #foodblogcontest #pinkfoodies

Apple Jam #foodblogcontest #pinkfoodies

Jam - paratha is my daughter\"s favorite school lunch box dish. When jam is homemade it tastes very nice.

Presenting here my very easy and quick recipe of Apple jam.....

???Apple Jam Recipe???


?Apple flesh- 1.25 kg

( Take around 2.5 kg Apple to make it 1.25 kg Apple flesh)

?Sugar - 1 kg

?Lemon juice - 1 tbsp(2 lemons)


?Wash the apples thoroughly and peel them. Discard the peel of the apples and cut the flesh into small pieces.

?Take Apple pieces into a heavy bottom pan or a kadahi. Add 3/4 cup water (around 125 ml). Cover it and give it a boil for high flame.

?Stir it and again cook on medium to high flame for 10-12 minutes. Apples now become soft, mash them properly.

?Add sugar into it. Stir it to mix sugar well into it. Cook it by stirring continuously to prevent the j from sticking to pan\"s base. It may take some time to attain the consistency of jam.

?To check whether it has attain the required consistency, pour the jam from a spoon, it has to fall together & water should not come down separately.

?Switch off the flame.

?When it is lukewarm, mix lemon juice into it.

?Allow jam to cool down. Store it in sterlized glass container ( jar/ bottle). Shelf life is 4-6 months approximately.

?The Apple jam is golden yellow in colour with beautiful texture and is having fresh apple flavour.


◻️ Ratio of Apple flesh: Sugar::1.25:1

◻️ You can add Cardamom powder ( optional) into it, if wish so, at the same point when you add lemon juice into it.

◻️ I like natural Apple jam colour. If you want to add colour to it , add a beetroot while cooking Apple pieces. It will give jam a bright purple pink colour.

Friends, try to make Apple Jam at home by this quick recipe and do share your feedback. You can follow me for delicious food recipes.

Happy Cooking!



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