Beautiful Mistake!

Beautiful Mistake!

When you marry at a riped age of 27 you feel that you have escaped the " Shaadi kab kar rahi ho beta ??" Walla phase. But for us right after 6 months into marriage was another evil question waiting for us " Kuch good news hai. kya??" This was because of the little weight i had put on after my marriage

. when we were engaged we were very clear about our baby planning.We decided to plan our baby after 3 years. But when ever there was a family gathering this question was shoot at me by every nani, chachi ,bua ,mausi , daadisaas nanad, jethanis,devranis and every Tom Dick and Harry( these Suraj barjatya types shaadi functions i tell you, they don't have any work but to Peep into other person's peaceful life and mess it up). I always used to say "we just got married" so we are taking some time to know each other" and they all would roll their eyes saying such a lame excuse,and then give an extra inch of rise to their eyebrow as if  they are judging if our reproductive organs are working or not.

Initially we used to give loads of excuses to them like abhi it's too early to plan a baby , I am just 27 ,we want to travel and enjoy each others company, I think we are not ready for it , but in our family everyone used to talk about my age and the biological clock which was ticking faster than my heart beat and in every family function it became a point of prolonged discussion. There were some relatives who were kind on us and they gave us the permission to enjoy  considering it's only one year of our marriage( As if we were dying to seek their permission to enjoy OUR lives ).

After two years in our marriage every relative started to discuss our sex life ofcourse out of concern because they thought we have conception issue. All the babajis the dadi n nani maa k nuskhe was shared with me because my better half only nodded.He was never much a talker,always burried in his phone or laptop.

All these two years I was the only one responsible to keep the conversation alive in our house. I tell him everything and he only says 'k' don't even bother to prefix a O . The pressure on me was too much because according to them ( family)we have broken the family  tradition by not producing babies immediately after marriage,and because they all know my better half has "THEIR" genes and blood ,so the reserve looks were for me .

It was 10 am and I was still in my bed feeling lethargic.My husband already left for office. Some how in the noon I pulled myself out of the bed,took shower prepared Maggi ate n slept off again.I woke up at 5:00 in the eve very unusual of me , my heart thudding very fast and I felt something is wrong with me ,did I miss my periods?? I generally don't remember my dates I know I m very bad at it. I was stressing my mind to recollect the date and I had this feeling that I am late.No No No I can't be pregnant!! We have decided baby only after three years.This is all because of you Mr. husband arghhhh wait a minute I can't be pregnant. Abhi toh humne duniya ghumi bhi nahi ,exotic vacations pe bhi nahi gaye. I was mentally abusing my husband when i decided to calm my self down to go out to a medical shop and get a pregnancy kit. I got one ,those few lines of instructions i read it for 100 th time.How gross it is to put those two drops of your pee. Where is all this heading to?? Ohh god !! no no no no!! Those two pink lines were smiling at me.

I was holding that in my hand when my husband came. Those teary eyes and the paper in my hand made him nauseated and he rushed into the bathroom, technically it should be me running into the bathroom but it was other way round, he took hours to come out. When he came out I shoved it to him and said " I don't believe this's your mistake!!

He took the stick in his hand and Said did I read it right ?? How is that my mistake ,it's your mistake you should keep a tab on your dates and ovulation days.  He rolled his eyes. I yelled at him saying wait a minute why din't you used a protection ?? It's your mistake. It went on for few hours. Then for few days then for few months .So technically we were pregnant.

Throughout my pregnancy with all those harmonal ,physical mental changes and mood swings we blamed each other saying it's your mistake, it's your mistake

Finally the day arrived I was in labour for 14 hours.I can't do this any more I screamed in between all those crazy contractions coming and going. The doctor scolded me and asked me to shut my mouth to save the energy for pushing. I was taken a back and then fatigue took over.My husband was patting my hand , soothing my hair and told me you'll be fine ,it's all ok , it will be over soon. I was yelling at him " it's all because of you it's your mist...before i could complete another freaking contraction burst through me. I dug my fingers into my husband's biceps when I gave the final push and room was filled with a meaky piercing shriek.After that I don't remember how long it went and what happened.when I woke up  I heard a small cry and a pinky purplish looking child was thrust on my chest.

What is it?? I asked the nurse. " It's your baby !! The nurse said.

Obviously it's my baby I dint pushed my brain out after being in labour for 14 crazy hours.

But what it is?? I asked again .
Ohh it's a boy !! She said.  Then she took that pink baby and covered him with green cloth and gave it to my husband who was beaming with happines. There were all smiling faces in the room,the phones were buzzing and our phones were flooded with congratulation messages.Then they shifted me to the room and my husband came near me delicately holding our baby wrapped in a green cloth. He said

Shal look at "our beautiful mistake"!!! isnt he beautiful??
"He is absolutely handsome"    I smiled sheepishly.

This little ,cute ,purplish, pinkish human being has turned our world upside down .

It's been 8 years to our beautiful mistake and we cherish every moment of it.

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