Beyond colors please!

Beyond colors please!

Indian society has coerced and compelled to be believe that ‘Beautiful Dark/Dusky’ is an oxymoron.

Somehow, we’ve have been witnessing the enfeebling fact that ‘Dark/Dusky’ and ‘Beautiful’ cannot coexist. Howbeit, there can surely be an anomaly to the ‘Established Theory’ if the “subject “in the discussion is ‘Male’. It’d be simple to put forth, that “Dark\Dusky” females are not beautiful but if it’s a male it is still an acceptable scenario.

I am incessantly poked to mull over as to Why are women being valued merely for their outward appearance and not for who they are and what they stand for?

That’s maybe because we’ve been conditioned since times immemorial to believe in the concept of ‘Fair & Lovely’ so much that the product by that name yanked interminable cash cows feeding on the deep-rooted insecurity of the dark-skinned people and/or people who had a rabid compulsion to look fair and beautiful come what may!

Then came in the era of photoshop, the present scenario. The brouhaha over interminable photoshop apps, have only watered the notion that beauty is merely skin deep.

I do understand that there is definite color bias in our society, several young women suffer from low self-esteem. They are all expected to fit into certain stereotypes and are judged based on their skin color, body shapes, etc. The pressure to look ‘beautiful’ is always there. But then, who decides what’s beautiful? It’s the person behind the skin you should be looking at not merely at the superficial external beauty!

Why can’t we just appreciate the distinctiveness and uniqueness of every skin color?

The other day I was reading about a female banker, 34, who tied the knot last year, but only after being 'rejected' by several men because of her skin color. She says"Initially, I didn't know why people rejected my proposals. No one would tell me the reason, until one day when I asked one of them. I was 26 then, and this man's disclosure shattered me. I still thought he was an exception and the reason why the other men didn't want to marry me was something else, until I asked a second man who also gave me the same answer."

Unfortunately, these days people are only concerned about the surface level or superficial beauty, ignoring the deeper quality of intelligence and other personality traits that contributes to making an individual stand out in the crowd and project her unique identity.

I am a fervent believer that media is a powerful tool and has the potential to help a society recover from its negative practices and harsh prejudices. I am dreaming of the day when brands would introduce ads that celebrate ‘beauty beyond color’ and visibly give value and respect to a myriad of skin tones. I hope to see people of all skin tones being celebrated and cherished in our mundane lives.

We all need to be in this together to see a colossally visible and drastic change. It's high time we need to make people believe ‘Fair is not always Lovely’, and fairness is not always synonymous with being beautiful... even

  ‘Dark is beautiful, dark is power

   And darkness embraces the hope to empower.

   For dark skin is alluring and bold

   Camouflaging million inspiring stories untold’.





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