#Blog Prompt- 2, Not Everyone Gets A Second Chance

#Blog Prompt- 2, Not Everyone Gets A Second Chance

Riya woke up at dawn every morning and worked late till dusk. She juggled between tasks. She served her in-laws with utmost devotion. She pampered her little princess Sia, but Sia looked down upon her mother. She considered her mom to be incapable of accomplishing any task. She detested her mom, as she did not receive any formal education. She constantly compared her mom with the mothers of her peers.

"You know nothing but to cook." She would say with her tongue in cheek. Riya's eyes welled up with tears on hearing the same but she would not speak a word. Little did Sia know that her mom had given up her passion for dance to take care of her. When Sia was three years old her mother had got an opportunity to participate in a state-level dance competition. She applied for the same, was qualified for the finals but just before the day of finals Sia was sick with fever and needed attention. Despite her mister coaxing her to participate, she gave up the competition. She instead chose to sit by Sia's side and take care of her.

She did not want Sia to know about her sacrifice. Mom's don't boast about the sacrifices they make. Do they?

Sia observed Riya walk her up to the door and said in disgust, " Don't come outside mom. You embarrass me. Do you know how modern the moms of my friends are? They are style icons and look at you."

She collapsed on the floor on hearing that and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Riya was diagnosed with the terminal stage of cancer. The doctors informed her family that she would not live for more than a few days and needed complete bed rest.

Sia's world turned upside down on hearing that. Realization dawned upon her that she was dependent on everything from finding her school ribbons to preparing for her exams on her mom.

She comprehended that her mom was omnipotent. She took good care of her mom and served her. In the process, she did not find time for self-care. Her hair was unkempt and she looked shabby. Her friends made fun of her. She had got the taste of her medicine and realised her mistake. She ran to her mom and wanted to apologise to her. But it was too late. Her mom had breathed her last. She cried and begged God for a second chance. She promised to make things right but in vain. 

Not everyone gets a second chance. Her mother had left a void in Sia's heart that none could fill. She lived each day her heart filled with remorse. Her heart yearned to hug her mom one more time. She would do anything to hear her mom's voice again, to hold her and play with her. 

Dear Friends,

Don't we all not take our mothers for granted. Do you resonate with my thoughts? Please give your feedback in the comments section and help me improve.



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