Blog Prompt 3, A Surprise Staycation

Blog Prompt 3, A Surprise Staycation

"Yay! Vacation to Coorg." The kids were exhilarated by hearing the word vacation. They had helped their mom pack and went shopping with her. They also helped her with her chores. After a year-long stay at home, the vacation came as a respite.
They were all set for the vacation. That night during dinner, "I'm afraid we may have to cancel our vacation." said Mr Shah.
"Oh come on dad. We could not go for a vacation last year too. All thanks to Corona. We have spent the entire summer last year in the confines of our home. Don't do this to us." cried his daughter.
"I agree." said his son in support of his sister.
"There is an alarming rise in the number of covid cases and the death toll has increased too. Let's not risk ourselves. Let us be responsible by staying at home." said Mr Shah in an attempt to convince his children.
They banged their plates in protest.
"Behave yourself. Time to sleep," said Mrs Shah sternly.
She could hear her children sniffling. She resolved to cheer them up.
After all, it's a mom's job to set things right, right?
The next day the children woke up and were elated to see a colourful water tub filled with beach balls and toypedos.
"Welcome to the staycation at the Our Nest Resort." They could hear a voice. It was their mom holding a tray with yummy sandwiches and their favourite chocolate milkshake.
"Wow this is amazing," they said in unison their eyes filled with glee.
They devoured their breakfast and had a gala time in the pool. Later the family played board games. They gulped Pizza for lunch. In the evening they were astonished to see swings fixed in their garden. They happily played for a while.
The next day their mom had given them hands-on training in cooking and gardening.
The kids were engaged and had loved it.
It was strenuous for Mrs Shah to accomplish all this is in short notice but a mother would accomplish any arduous task to see her children smile.
They hugged their mom and said,  "Thank you for this awesome staycation mom. We loved it."

  Dear Friends,
Staycation is a new term for all of us. Let us not risk our lives by going on vacation. Let's enjoy ourselves in the comfort of our homes.
Hope you all liked reading my blog. Please give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.


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