#Blog Prompt- 3 An Arranged Love Story

#Blog Prompt- 3 An Arranged Love Story

The banquet hall was filled with the sound of the clarinet while the priest was reciting the mantra "Mangalyam Tantuna Nena", amidst the near and dear and blessings of the elders, they got married. There was a shower of rose petals.

After the rituals Uma was sitting with a grumpy face in the corner of her room.Her parents entered and on seeing them she quietly wiped her tears.

"Oh dear, we know you were not ready for the marriage. But please understand that our son in law is a man of gold. He will take good care of you and keep you happy. " said her parents as they held her hands and wept.

After a few hours, it was time for her bidai. She hugged her mom tight and cried till her face got red and her eyes swollen. She was not ready to leave her mom. Her father cajoled her into entering the car and they bid an emotional adieu.

Uma with her husband Shivram reached the railway station and together they boarded the train to Pune.

That moment when the station master waved the green flag not only did their train journey begin but it was also the start of their new journey 'The married life'

All through the journey, Uma did not utter a word. She did not eat or sip water. Shivram was worried as to what was wrong with her. He did not know how to approach her and talk.

" May she needs time. She must be missing her parents." he thought to himself.

They reached Pune the next day. Shivram with the help of his friends had planned a grand Graha Pravesh for her. Rose petals were laid for her welcome. He wanted to make her feel special. She was his queen.

All this did not make any difference to Uma. She was lost in her thoughts. This went on for a month and was bothering Shivram. He spoke to his sister about the situation and with her advice, he decided to talk to his wife and sort things out.

That evening when his wife served him tea he caught her by her hand and asked her to sit.

"What is that is bothering you, Uma? It is crystal clear that you are not happy. I want to know why" asked Shivram in a tone filled with concern.

"What difference does it make to you? All you want is a maid to serve you. I am here at your service." she said in a rude tone."Why do you say so? Do I seem like a chauvinist to you? Or a narcissist? I love you." said Shivram his voice filled with sorrow.

"I wanted to finish my graduation and bag a job. Just six months were left for me to complete my graduation and you came for the bride seeing ceremony. My parents knew I was not willing to get married but they saw God in you and thought I was lucky to get a husband like you. I was forced into getting married. My dreams are shattered." cried Uma loudly.

"Is that all? Complete your course now and then work. Follow your dreams. I will always support you in all your endeavours. Let us walk together in this journey called marriage, cross every hurdle and fill our lives with love." said Shivkumar smiling holding her hand in a promise.

"Thank you, said Uma." springing in joy.

The next day she called her mother. 

"Maa, you and dad were right. Your son in law has a heart of gold. He loves me dearly and now I have fallen in love with him." saying so she hung up the phone.

This was the beginning of their beautiful love story.

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