#Blog Prompt Beauty With Brain Is Indeed Lethal

#Blog Prompt  Beauty With Brain Is Indeed Lethal

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is a lethal combination-Prabal Gurung.

Arinya was the perfect example of the above quote. She was a blue-eyed, doll-like beautiful baby She grew up to be an alluring women. Arinya had long black hair like Rapunzel and a radiant smile. With her captivating and effervescent personality, she drew people towards her.

She was a benevolent person, a doting daughter, a trustworthy and kind-hearted friend. The icing on the cake was that she was astute and clear-sighted. She was indeed a beauty with a brain.

She topped almost every exam, bagged many awards in academics and had got a lucrative job in one of the top advertising agency. Her creative and innovative ideas helped her to climb the ladder in her career and she was soon promoted as the team lead. Everything was going fine till the malicious words uttered by the clacking tongues fell in her ears. She was taken aback by learning that her co-workers felt she lured her boss with her beauty into giving her a promotion. 

People turned blind to her hard work, capability and determination. All they could see was her outward beauty. She could hear people gossip in hushed tones about her as she walked. She tried her best to divert her mind and focus on the good things around her. After a few months, it had come to Arinya's notice that rumours about her trapping her boss spread like wildfire.

She tried to address the issue and talk it out with her colleagues but in vain. They acted as though they were the most innocent souls who immensely cared for her. Though Arinya did not believe them she couldn't confront them anymore.

These scandalmongers were oblivious to Arinya's hard work. She woke up at early dawn each day exercised and followed a healthy diet. She also read and constantly kept herself updated. Her beauty and brain were not a gift she was bestowed with. She relentlessly worked for it.

She reported the events to her boss in hope of justice. But he took advantage of her situation and asked her, "Why not make the rumours true?" On hearing that Arinya had slapped him and left for home. 

Feeling despondent she shared her issues with her parents. Instead of supporting her, they reprimanded her and curtailed her movements. She was confined to the four walls of her house. Engulfed by loneliness she fell prey to depression. Her beauty which people considered a boon became a bane and her astute brain became weak. Learning about her plight her friend had come to her rescue. With her help, she tried to rebuild herself. She began writing blogs educating people on how to deal with rumours and emerge victoriously. Today her blogs are one of the most viewed ones in the self-help genre. She doesn't want any other person to suffer the way she did. After all, she was a compassionate human being .

Even today people gossip about her but the difference is she had learnt to fight them.

Dear Friends,

We have many Arinya's around us who suffer for others wrongdoings. Let us be empathetic and lend them a patient ear and helping hand. Thank you for reading my blog. Kindly give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.



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