#blogprompt 1- Staycation "That fresh aroma of nostalgia"

#blogprompt 1- Staycation "That fresh aroma of nostalgia"

"Happiness is laughing at old childhood photos." - quote from we7.com.

Today, my son and I were clearing the attic when we tripped over an old box of mine containing childhood memories and memoirs that I had stored safely. One of the photos included Amma, Acchan, Suri Uncle, Aunty, and Arjun. It was a photograph taken in 1990 in Sarnath, Varanasi

Those were the days when we would take a day trip to a nearby location and spend the whole day relaxing in a lake, a park, or a waterfall.

Suri's were our next-door neighbours, as well as my parents' closest friends. Arjun, their son, and I were best friends. We used to go on a day trip once a month.

Suri's rode a Bajaj scooter while we rode a Yamaha motorcycle. Oh! I used to love riding the scooter and often swap places with Arjun, who preferred to ride the motorbike. Standing in front of the scooter was a thrill for a 6-year-old me. I used to enjoy the wind and claim to be the one driving.

One such trip that I will never forget is one to Sarnath.

Sarnath is 10 kilometres north of Varanasi, at the confluence of the Ganges and Varuna rivers. It was here that the Buddha delivered his first sermon since the enlightenment. The place is lush with green grasses and has long been a favourite spot for picnics.

We used to carry a mat and basket full of delectable savouries like Amma's Idly Sambhar and Aunty's Chole Pulao and Gajar ka Halwa.

Since we were both picky eaters, our parents would bribe us both to eat faster so that we could go see deers and feed them carrots. It was entertaining to watch deer sprint towards us in search of carrots

The games such as ludo, cards, badminton, bat ball, and football were all planned the day before, and we kids used to arrange it. On the way to the park, a packet of Uncle Chips and Frooti was a must. We all used to have a great time playing together. After that, we would stop for dinner at Highway Inn on the way back. 

Those were the days when we kids, too, were content with short trips. We never asked for any overseas vacations. Spending time with our families was more enjoyable for us. I'm not sure how our parents had the time for these outings. We as parents rarely have time for a holiday these days, leading to the changes in the working culture.

Holidays have evolved, and now everyone likes to take long holiday rather than regular short trips to local picnic spots or taking break by relaxing at home.

Memories have such a vital role in our lives. No matter how far we go or how busy we are, our childhood memories bring a smile to our faces and lift our spirits.

With today's children immersed in the virtual universe, I wonder if they will have these kinds of memories to remember as well. As parents, we should continue to find time for our families and schedule occasional picnics or Staycations, as the younger generation refers to them.

Staycations revives the mind and body. Also, it aids in the development of healthy relationships that can last a lifetime.

 "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault.


Amma - Mother in Malayalam

Acchan - Father in Malayalam

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