#blogprompt 2 - When a mother fell sick. "A stitch in time saves nine!"

#blogprompt 2 - When a mother fell sick. "A stitch in time saves nine!"

Today is one of those days when I wish I was a little girl and could climb into my mother's lap and cry until the hurt goes away – quote on weheartit.com for a mother.


'Oh, it is hurting! I should go to a doctor today,' thought Karthika. She had recently begun experiencing severe headaches that were not typical of migraine attacks.


"Ma, are you not well?" Asked her 5-year-old boy, Aditya. Karthika smiled at him and said, "I am good, baby". She had been planning to see a doctor for a few months but could not find the time.


"Where is my blue tie, Karthika?" Shyam, her husband, exclaimed. She hurried to get it after setting the gas to medium flame. It was right there, tucked under the cover.


Karthika was perplexed as to why everyone at home was so reliant on her. She hurried towards Mummy Ji's room as it was time for her to take medicines. Karthika, who had a lot of work to do and a headache that was getting worse, also gulped a pain reliever while administering the medications.

She prepared to leave Aditya at school after serving breakfast and packing tiffins for Shyam and Aditya. She decided to go to the doctor after that.

The doctor advised a CT scan. For the scan, she needed to see a radiologist. "I will report to your doctor in a day or two, Mrs Iyer," the radiologist said after the scan.


Karthika was anxious because she had not told anyone in the family, and she did not know what to say.


She thought to inform Shyam about the scanning in the evening. But, as usual, he was engrossed in office work and on the phone with a client. She did not have a choice but to go back to sleep. Shyam had always taken her for granted and was too preoccupied with his job to notice her.


After two days, she received a phone call from the doctor. The doctor was worried since her reports had arrived. He asked her to accompany her husband to visit him.


Karthika had a tumour in her brain, according to the doctor.


Karthika's world came crashing down around her. She was at a loss for words and actions. Shyam was shocked. The doctor was explaining what drug to start and how to get better. But she could not hear anything because her ears had shut down. She was now concerned for her family's future. What would they do if she was not there?


When they arrived home, Shyam asked Karthika to rest and started doing housework with his mother. Everyone was putting in their best effort to keep Karthika quiet. Aditya, too, was eating alone and not displaying any signs of anger. 

Shyam realised how important Karthika was to the family in just one day. She was the sensory machine, and he could not understand how she managed to do it all by herself. He acknowledged how Karthika had never complained to him about anything and was only concerned about her family. He realised his mistakes, but it was too late. He wished he could alter his circumstances and begin his life with a fresh outlook.


The doctor called after two days and said, "There had been some misunderstanding, Mrs Iyer. Your reports got mixed up with those of another patient. Your reports seem to have been normal. And the headache was caused by the acidity, as you ate irregularly."


The relief Karthika felt was unfathomable. Her life had returned to normal after the upheaval. A breath of relief escaped her lips. The family was now content and grateful to God.


Karthika interpreted this as a divine warning, as she had missed something crucial. She realised the importance of taking care of herself. All should deal with one another to have a stable and healthy family. It is not just a woman's responsibility in the household. Only when a mother is happy will she keep her child happy.


So, all you mothers out there, take care of yourself and don't underestimate your abilities. This story was fictional, and while the report mix-up would be amusing to read, Karthika would not have gotten a second chance if the misunderstanding had not occurred.

Nobody can be lucky enough to get another chance, so think of yourself and be grateful. Always thank God and enjoy your time with your family.

“Mother's love is bliss, 

is peace, it need not be acquired,

it need not be deserved.

If it is there, it is like a blessing;

if it is not there it is as if all the beauty had gone out of life.” — Erich Fromm 

Picture Courtesy - Pixabay

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