#blogprompt Divorce - Is that a solution?

#blogprompt Divorce - Is that a solution?

"I'm going to my Nani's house tomorrow, Advait. Mumma said that we would not be returning ", Sanvi said, sadly. "So you will not be coming to school?" Advait enquired. "Mumma told me that I would be attending a new school in the area. Bittu didi and Laddu bhaiyya will accompany me to school." Sanvi said.

Sanvi and Advait were both 7-years- old and classmates as well as neighbours. They were heartbroken at the prospect of parting ways.

"Why are you and Sangeeta Aunty going, Sanvi?" Advait enquired.

"I'm not sure. Mumma was saying that she and papa were getting divorced. I don’t know what divorce is. When I see it, I'll let you know." Sanvi responded innocently. The kids were perplexed as to why Sanvi's mother decided to visit Nana.

Advait returned to his room quietly after returning home. His mother, seeing him distressed, inquired as to the cause of his sorrow. “Sanvi is leaving the school and the city”, he told her. With a puzzled expression on his face, he asked his Ma, "What is a divorce?" Reena, Advait's mother, was perplexed and unsure how to explain this to him. "That I'll tell you about later. Come in and have a quick bite first." She went to the kitchen after saying this.

Reena was astonished as to why the Kapoors were divorcing. Their daughter Sanvi was so adorable, and they were such a happy couple. She considered meeting Sangeeta after the dinner was ready.

"Are you seriously contemplating divorce, Sangeeta?" Reena questioned, her voice worried. "I'm afraid I don't have any other options, Reena," Sangeeta said. She went on to say, "Akash never wants to understand me. When I call, he always says he's busy. When he gets home from work, he's still on the phone. We don't even speak to each other, you know. I seriously doubt he's having an affair at work. I'm not going to put up with this attitude any longer." Sangeeta, who was weeping, said.

Reena didn't know what to say, but she didn't think Sangeeta and Akash's issues were enough to warrant a divorce. She served as a marital counsellor and had seen many couples fall apart over slight disputes. "Did you ever try telling Akash about your problems?" Reena inquired.

"He doesn't have time to talk," Sangeeta said as she went about her work. "I spoke with my father, and he asked me to return. They are there to help me." Sangeeta stated.

Reena considered speaking with Akash and know what he intended. She had always admired the Kapoors and didn't want their family to fall apart.

Reena called Akash the next day after arriving at her office and asked him to meet her at a coffee shop near his office. Akash was hesitant at first but agreed to meet in the afternoon.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Akash," Reena said, smiling.

"No worries, Bhabhi. Tell me why you wanted to meet with me." Akash stated.

"What went wrong between you and Sangeeta? Why is she returning to her parent's house?" questioned Reena.

After a brief pause, Akash said, "Bhabhi, I'm still not sure why she wants to return. She doesn't say anything to me. I've been too preoccupied with work over the past few days. You are well aware of how difficult it is to live in today's world. We have a staff shortage, and I had a project due by the end of the month. As a result, I was working overtime to complete the project. In the midst of it all, Sangeeta called two days ago and said she was returning and would send the divorce papers."

"Did you make an effort to connect with her?" Reena inquired.

"She doesn't even pay attention to what I say. When I tried to connect with her, she shut the door and said, I just want money."

"Tell me one thing, Bhabhi. Is it wrong for me to work hard to ensure the future of my family?" Akash inquired.

"You are not mistaken, Akash, but you must realize that by securing your future, you are jeopardizing your present. Work is important, but family comes first. Create time for your loved ones. When you say Sangeeta shuts the door, I'm sure she's standing right beside it, waiting for you to come in and knock."

“Try to connect with her and find out what she wants. Also, tell her about the issues you're having at work. I'm confident she'll understand. You are both right, but ending your relationship is incorrect. Divorce is not a choice in your situation. Have you thought about Sanvi? What kind of example are you setting for her?" Reena said.

“I've seen a lot of divorce cases. When there is no hope for a better future, it is the last option. In cases of domestic violence or an abusive marriage, divorce is the only option. The couple should talk regularly and frankly about their problems. Between husband and wife, there should be no ego or mistrust." Reena expressed her thoughts. She advised Akash to speak with Sangeeta and address their differences.

Reena was playing ludo with Advait in the evening when the Kapoors arrived to meet her. Reena could see their excitement in their faces. They had finally become the happy family that Reena had always seen. "We owe you, Bhabhi," said Akash with a smile. "You were perfectly correct; we had a slew of misunderstandings brewing in our heads. When we spoke today, we realized our shortcomings. The only thing that was lacking between us was communication. Our love for each other had become hidden beneath the layers of ego and mistrust." Akash exclaimed enthusiastically.

Everyone was excited and ready to play ludo.Friends, here Reena was there to help the husband and wife understand each other, but we might not have anyone in real life. We must take care of ourselves and communicate with one another. It is simple to end a relationship, but preserving one is crucial.

Communication is a critical component of any healthy relationship. In today's world, everyone is so engrossed in the virtual world that we forget to connect with the people sitting next to them.

“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it… It dies.” - Tony Gaskins

Divorce isn't always a bad thing, and it can help people who are stuck in a bad marriage. Women who are victims of abusive marriages or domestic violence should not try to adjust and be quiet but should speak up, get a divorce, and move on with their lives. Divorce is a new beginning for them, not an end.


Bhaiyya – Elder brother in Hindi

Didi – Elder sister in Hindi

Nana – Maternal Grandfather in Hindi

Bhabhi – Elder brother’s wife / used to address a married woman with respect in Hindi

Picture courtesy - Wallpaper Cave

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