Bonding over chai...

Bonding over chai...

Like I always share, my man had been a coffee lover since forever. He would relish the CCD coffee and I preferred dousing into the hot cup of tapri ki ( street-shop) chai.For many, this might just be a matter of choice but...for me , my better half choosing coffee over chai was not less than a crime.

Slowly but steadily, as our bond grew, his fondness for that ek pyaali chai bulged too???? and soon,we became the partners in chai.A  sloth-ful morning was made sanguine and a weary evening was lit up by a cup of tea 'chai❤️'.

The bond of our marriage has not always been this intense and compact, it has confronted storms of turbulence. The early days of our marriage went struggling to know each other. We were new and we did misinterpret and blundered.But, we learnt, we perceived, we won each other's trust.


We binged in the protocol of chai pe charcha, way before our prime minister endorsed it.Seems funny? Naay! I am serious.

For past 6 years, no matter how hard the day has been, no matter how tough te time stroke, no matter how difficult it was to get out of the ridges, we follow a simple formula.

The moment, we come back from work ( even now when I am a homemaker ) , we sit together, share a cup of tea ek pyaali chai , and pour out the day's exhaustion and elation. We discuss everything in those 20-30 minutes...from job stress to people and work happiness.We discuss and share opinions and give comments without the fear of being judged.We even criticize each other ( coz not all flaws are to be embraced, no?) We have laughed out our lungs to the worst jokes, holding that cup of tea.Inhibitions and aspirations, nothing was kept aloof, drenched in the freshness of the tea, we gushed our hearts to one another.

Even on the gloomy days, we have resolved the rugged issues with resilience, holding hands with that ek pyaali chai

These days, my better half comes late at night but, we still share at least a half cup of tea, to relish each other's pulchritudinous company...

Thus, when I see couples separating in mere issues, giving up on their love just because their ego clashes, I want to convey this as a message to them...

Nothing around and inside us is perfect, then why do we want a relationship or our marriage to be so perfect? Why can't we just go with the flow and accept each other with our egos and flaws, because I still don't affirm this fact of giving up on a relationship just because it didn't work! Bonds never work my friend, you need to put your time and affection into them.You need to discuss, without holding any grudge.Correct your partner if he/she is erroneous, but...but...but... without putting their respect down ( Never insult!)

Try this therapy of ek pyaali chai!


Like there's no tomorrow!

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