Butterfly with Dark colours Part 1

Butterfly with Dark colours Part 1

I (Rahul) left office and got in to my car. Though my hands were on steering wheel but mind was travelling back to my happiest days.

****Around two years back, Rahul was undergoing his Computer Engineering and got campus placement with a big IT company.He was a simple boy, born and brought up in a joint family of Himachal. His family owned their business but Rahul wanted to work in corporate world. Family also supported him to fulfil his wish.

Finally, the day came when he completed his degree and was moving to Gurugram for joining his first job.

His Grandma: Ronu, you insisted so we are allowing you to go. Whenever you feel like coming back, don’t think twice, take the first bus and come. We have such a big family business and want you to join that only. Your grandpa never thought that any one of our children will ever go out for a job. My son, your Ammu want to see you getting married. I don’t want to die without seeing your bride.

Rahul (smiling): I know Ammu and I love you all very much. Every fortnight I will be here with you all. Now give a big smile and let me go.

With a heavy but happy heart, Rahul left to start new journey of life.

Rahul reached his rental apartment a day prior to the joining. Next morning he reported office that was on walking distance from the apartment. It was on the 7th floor of a commercial building with canteen on 4th floor providing tea, breakfast and lunch facility.

Initial days passed understanding the work culture and soon he started enjoying his work. Considering Rahul’s fast learning skills, his boss assigned him with first project, and with this came little liberty to take decisions that proved to be another factor improving his performance.

In canteen Rahul noticed a beautiful girl. He was amazed to see her ever smiling face. She had bright eyes and long silky hair. Their lunch timings were same and Rahul always waited to see her but never initiated as he had a complex for his short height and normal physique.

One day, Rahul went to canteen to have coffee. While he was sitting, same girl knocked on his table: Hi, I am Sonal, we see each other almost every day so thought of saying you hello.

Rahul: Hello I am Rahul . Please have a seat. It’s pleasure meeting you.

Sonal: Same here. My office is on 5th floor and I am an HR professional.

Then, they both had little more talks before exchanging their numbers.

Here, started a new friendship, routine conversations, caring gestures, weekend shopping etc. In canteen also both were mostly seen together.

To be Continued....

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