Butterfly with Dark Colours- Final Part

Butterfly with Dark Colours- Final Part

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Sonal came out of Airport where Rahul was already waiting. He ran crazily and hugged her tightly. But the response from other side was not warm. Rahul thought she must be tired. On the way also she kept busy watching outside whereas Rahul had so much to share. They reached apartment and she could notice the efforts of Rahul to get all the interior of her choice but even then she didn’t express much happiness.

It didn’t take Rahul very long to realise that Sonal was no more the same girl whom he had married. He tried to check if her health is ok but she avoided the topic. He was really upset as he could see her being physically present there with him but mentally she wasn’t. Mostly she was seen busy on her phone.

Rahul was worried, he checked with his mom if something happened there in India. But, to his surprise mom said:  we never wanted to bother you but when you left India then only we noticed the change in Sonal’s behaviour. We thought that she would be missing you. She avoided coming here and when we went to meet her then also she kept busy. Please speak to her she will open her heart to you only.

He assured back his mom not to worry and put off the phone.

For a long he kept trying to make her happy, but all in vain. Sonal was all silent, it's not that she was quiet for all; rather she was talking to her mom frequently.

Rahul spoke to her mom then, but she also had no clue.

Rahul again spoke to Sonal: What happened to you Sonal? Is it because of you not having a job? See you have calibre and I am sure soon you will get a good job but please don’t do this to me; please speak to me. You are the butterfly of my life and I always want to see you smiling. Please tell me what can I do to make you happy?Sonal: Nothing as such. My my job interview is scheduled in the coming week so I am preparing and little worried about that.

Rahul felt good assuming all will be fine once she gets a job.

Sonal prepared well and cleared the interview. She joined the job but nothing changed between them. Those were staying together but were not on talking terms, slowly their beds got separate. Rahul was tired of all this.

******With a jerk I come back to present, stopped the car outside a cafe house.

There was a couple sitting in the cafe when I walked in. As the light was low, I didn't know who they were until the woman turned around, and I saw it was my wife. Yes my wife Sonal and that too with my boss Aasif: Before I could ask something, they both left.

I shouted: Sonal

She turned back: hope we can discuss things at home. Don’t create a scene here.

I was surprised on her reaction, waited for two minutes and left back. I wanted to hear from her. Yes, she reached the apartment before me: when I entered the house she was ready with her bags packed.

Me (angered): Sonal, what is this? Why this luggage is here? How do you know Aasif and why you ignored me?

Sonal: Its high time Rahul, I need to tell you the truth. See, we can't live together. I want divorce from you; I and Aasif, both are planning to marry soon.

I was about to slap her when she held my hand with a warning: dare you touch me, I will call police. We both love each other for last four years but couldn’t marry because of all this nonsense religion and whatever. Our families were against inter religion marriage. So he applied for Malaysia office and got the opportunity.

Me: But, why did you marry me?

Sonal: Because to reach here I needed someone. You’re right, we never looked good together and first day when I saw you, I knew that you are the one who can help me. You know; Aasif did all to recommend your name for this mobility so that I can be here with him in Malaysia.

Rahul: Are you crazy, do you understand what you are saying? U used me? You spoiled my life?

Sonal: No, I didn’t, rather whatever you are today is because of me and Aasif only.

Rahul: How about our families; what would you tell them? I mean how we can face them like this.

Sonal: That's your problem Rahul, I have already told your grandma and my family that you are unable to keep me happy or to bear me a child.

Rahul: How could you be so mean? You spoiled everything.

Sonal: Everything is fair in love and war Rahul, after this divorce no one will stop me to marry Aasif. I will send you the divorce papers soon. Please sign and Goodbye.


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