Can your wardrobe speak? #whatsyourforte

Can your wardrobe speak? #whatsyourforte

With pandemic ruling the world since two years, we have been cooped up inside our home. It seemed since ages we are stuck and felt forever will be such situation.

We forgot how 'old normal' was and going back to normalcy was like a dream. Planning late night parties, dressing up with best outfits metamorphosed into being at home with same routine to follow throughout the day with pajamas as our only companion.

With everything affected around us, first one to succumb to this unwanted ,unwelcomed situation was our dear wardrobe. We hardly paid attention to it's shelves and online shopping websites saw only pajamas or night wear in the buying cart.

Do you agree?

I do because I could see how my wardrobe was getting all dusty and wasn't either messy. Crop tops, lacy bras,s paghettis, sarees wished to be the chosen one.

But with no weddings to attend, no social events to enjoy, our heavy attires, dresses, heels were absolutely ignored. Chah kar bhi we couldn't wear them.

Our Instagram and Facebook account were flooded with pictures of people flaunting their sleepwear and flip flops which were comforting to do daily household chores. Even I posted a few.

One day, I even dreamt of clothes in my wardrobe having a hearty conversation about me. They all were screaming and complaining inside my almirah with assumptions from around the world.

Does she have a new wardrobe?

Is she not well?

Has she changed her taste?

Or is she not she anymore?

But now as things are slightly better and cases have dropped considerably, we are steadily stepping out in the world. Our online shopping accounts have finally breathed with new party wear and accessories. Festivals have a got a new life this time unlike last year and instead of house wear ,we finally embraced our beaded wear and high heels.

I swiped my credit card after two years which felt like a ice-cream so delectable.

I was wrong to think that fitting into those old clothes, tights and trendy choices will be little difficult. But it was the biggest, warmest relief.

Does your wardrobe speak too? You must listen to them and make sure they are not neglected anymore!!!


Hope you liked my article and please comment if you could relate to it.

Thanks for Reading ❤️

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