Challenges Of 21st Century Working Women

Challenges Of 21st Century Working Women

"All women are working women , but a few are salaried " . This one perfectly defines the values and self worth of a working woman .

In the 21st century when we are speaking about feminism equality and women empowerment , but still women face varied of challenges both in person and professional sphere of life . The 21st century society raised the girls with proper education but at the same time they taught to fulfill all the responsibilities of a mother and perform all her duties as an obedient wife . In the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche , the famous Nigerian author and writer , " we say to girls to have ambition , but not too much . You should aim to be successful , but too not successful , otherwise you will threaten men " . 

Hardship of a woman in 21st century is difficult to categorise in her every stage of life . The woman of modern era wants equal opportunities as men and take foremost challenges at home and workplace . Gender bias , unequal pay , mental and physical harrasment are some important key features of a working woman which she faces at workplace . Apart from all these , she has to deal with all the family responsibilities as a wife , mother and her social chores . 

Women are the backbone of society and her contributions towards the economy of the country is as vital as her male counterpart . Without her active participation in every sphere of the country will be stagnant . Traditionally women were homemakers , but the 21st century women have better awareness and qualifications so that they want to go out and choose her careers . The role of a woman in present scenario has changed the contribution to the business environment of 21st century . The financial demands of the family is growing up day by day . Higher cost of living , increased expenses in children's education are the reasons to force women to work . 

Although women have started working outside , but still they face some challenges on various issues . Gender bias at workplace and lack of support from family can be called as the important issues they can face . 

Gender Bias :
In our society still men are considered as the main bread winners and boss of the family . Although a working women perform all her professional work and takes care the family duties , yet these are considered as her duties.  They have to take up a full day job plus handle her household chores as her responsibilities only . Due to such multitasking efforts of women , the stress level has increased in them . Sometimes the relationship with her spouse becomes unbalanced and it reflects at her personal and professional life . 

Mental and Physical Stress :
If we see a women's role in corporate world , sometimes they bring work to their homes and it cuts their hours of sleep . It's not only the reduced sleep , it has increased their stress and and some health issues have been seen in them . Waking up early in the morning , ignoring their health issues and get all the stuffs ready for their children and husbands . Many families are still living with their parents and parent in laws and it adds extra responsibility for them as they have to handle them and please everyone . Her dual role in personal and professional life have made her very much stressful . 

Lack of Family Support :
Sometimes the lack of family support becomes an issue of working women . They resist women for working till late in office which effects women's promotion at her work place . 

Negligible  Personnel Space
In order to maintain personal and professional work life balance , women get restless . In this hussled life , they become frustrated and helpless as there is no one there to help and support them . Sometimes they feel isolated and face some emotional issues and psychological problems . Insomnia and depression are two major mental problems , the working women suffer . They don't have time for themselves and they feel an immense lack of personnel space . They unable to share their feelings with anyone as they know nobody can understand them . Under this psychological pressure , they have only two options , either to give up the job or else live with  mental problems . 

Concluding with the words of Jim Bird , CEO of " work-life balance doesn't mean the equal balance between personal and professional life . It is careful synchronisation of an individual's varied pursuits that may include family , work , leisure , social obligations , career and spirituality . While some of the pursuits need greater attention , other may require lesser focus . Striking a fine balance by prioritising these human quests will result in work life balance " .




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