Coconut Laddoo; a Falahari recipe by Priyanka's Kitchen

Nariyal Laddoo is a Falahari recipe that is loved by most of the people. These mouth drooling white beauties melt in the mouth easily.

Nariyal Laddoo or Coconut Laddoo is an easy to prepare recipe that involves fewer ingredients and can be made within 15-20 minutes.  
It can be made as a single bite sweet dish as the shaping & sizing of it is in your hands. I prefer to make these delicious Laddoos as a one-bite dish, mouthful ones.
The taste of Nariyal with Khoya/ Mawa gives these Laddoos a divine taste. Dry fruits, raisins can be added to enhance the taste. Dry fruits give Laddoos a rich taste.
Here comes my very easy and quick recipe for Coconut Laddoo ( Nariyal ke Laddoo)...

*****Coconut Laddoo Recipe*****

?Mawa/khoya – 250 gm
?Dessicated coconut powder – 250 gm
?Powdered sugar/Boora – 200 gm
?Cardamon Powder – 1/2 tsp
?Milk – 2 tbsp
?Ghee to grease palms:1-2 tsp

Step 1) In a nonstick pan/ kadahi roast the mawa on medium heat. Roast while stirring continuously.

Step 2) Keep cooking till it gets very little light pink/ off white in colour. It leaves the sides of the pan. The time taken is approx 5-6 minutes it may vary though.

Step 3) Let it cool down for a while.

Step 4) When still warm add coconut powder (save 4 tbsp for rolling), powdered sugar, cardamom powder and milk. Mix well.

Step 5) Grease your palm with little ghee and start shaping the Laddoos.

Step 6) Roll each laddoo in the coconut powder.

Step 7) Coconut Laddoos are ready to serve.

Note: ◾It can be stored in the refrigerator for 8-10 days.
◾Around 36 – 40 medium-size Laddoos are made.

Friends, hope you will like this instant recipe of Coconut/ Nariyal Laddoo.

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Happy Cooking!

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