Correct But Don't Condemn- Blog post by Dr. Latha Prakash

Correct But Don't Condemn- Blog post by Dr. Latha Prakash

"One cannot use terror as a tool and suppress humanity forever." 

I had come across the above statement made by our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi a few days back in wake of the attacks on Afghanistan. 

Terror cannot be used as a tool to achieve anything under the sun. Even if somebody manages to achieve something using terror as a weapon their achievement is temporary and they will be facing revolt soon. 

The above statement left me to ponder and I took a ride down memory lane. I travelled back to the days of my childhood and I reminisced my neighbor ridiculing his son who was almost of my age. He made him learn words and numbers. When his son failed at learning or repeating what he was taught his father yelled at the top of his voice and leaving the boy petrified. He would end up beating the boy sometimes.

Will scolding or hitting your children help them learn? The answer is No. It will transform them into underconfident and introverted individuals. The child will withdraw himself/herself from the world and will enter into a shell by forming a protective wall around them. 

Another possibility is your children may transform into rebels and will stop paying heed to your words. 

"All they can do is hit me or reprimand me." They will become immune to your harsh treatment. In the pursuit of freeing themselves from your shackles, they will get into the wrong company and put their lives in harm's way.

How can we as parents stop this from happening? Should we not correct our kids when they are wrong?

The answer is yes, you can correct them when they are wrong. It's the responsibility of the parents to show their kids the correct path. But how do we do it without admonishing our kids?

*Listen to what your kids have to say- Before you blurt out that they are wrong listen patiently to their intention behind doing that deed.

*Don't hate- You can hate what they did but never hate them.

*Explain -Explain to them where they went wrong and why they are wrong. An ounce of patience will help you go a long way.

*Respond- Respond and don't react. When your kids say or do something that's not acceptable take a deep breath and then respond by correcting them. Don't react by losing your cool.

Remember, everyone, make mistakes while learning something new. After all, to err is human. 

Don't condemn them just correct them.

Also, remember that we too were once kids.

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