Creating or Clearing fears- Blog post by Dr. Mrinalini Kakkar

Creating or Clearing fears- Blog post by Dr. Mrinalini Kakkar

Raising kids is a full time job, and every child is unique, every parent is different, so as their style. So, before being judged as Authoritarian or Disciplinarian; Permissive or Indulgent; Uninvolved; Or Authoritative parent, keep your parenting simple, filled with love and joy. The more you enjoy, the more your kids will be happier.

Situation 1:

"Finish your homework, else I will lock you in the lizard room", she yelled at her little one.

The little one while crying continued his work.

Desire to teach hard-work, she is removing the essence of loving the work.

Situation 2:

"Dare you turn on the television again, I want you to finish your meal, and walk for five minutes, and straight away to the bed. Start your reading, I will join soon".

Desire to teach discipline, she is deleting the essence of how to lovingly accept the routine.

Situation 3:

"Go to guest room, and bring the sheets for washing", she said to little one.

"Sorry mom, I can't go alone there", he replied.

"Angrily, she said, "Why"?

"That day, you said lizards, are there, I may get caught", he said fearfully.

Unknowingly, she added fear in his mind.

Dear mothers,

Parenting is the sweetest part of life. Like being said, love attracts love, so with children. Don't add unnecessary fears for their lives. They will imprint for the lifetime.


- If we love being appreciated, why they don't. So, appreciate kids for the small things.

- Goal of the discipline should be acceptable behaviors and learning self-control. Give them small household chores and set standards for accomplishing them within the time limit.

- Let them be creative, with fixed routines and explore their world

- Communicate is the key to solve every issue. Talk about their likes, and dislikes, and try to understand why's.

- Be calm and patient.

- Be an example.

- Set a routine.

Pissed off with the household chores, desire to balance the home and work, aspiring to be a good mother, she doesn't know, what she is doing, so act carefully

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