Dear 2020...!

Dear 2020...!

Dear 2020,

They said you are unfortuitous for the world, because you faded all the hues of cheer and stirred in a terror amongst all.

But, they overlooked the fact that you taught us to embrace joy in the shades of black & white.

They said you flushed in a terror amongst  all,thus they  do not wish to rewind you.

But they forgot , you taught them to be more precautious.They learnt to be grateful for the good health.

You ruined their plans, you ceased their outings , you made life dull!!!

But, they should be thankful, for you gave them precious family time that was connived at ,since long.

They said, you distanced the kiths & kins.

But, didn't you paint the world with togetherness, where complete strangers gave a helping hand to one another?

They cursed you for their financial loss.

But you blessed them with the life of minimalism.You made the world smarter to distinguish between luxury and needs.

Oh dear 2020,

They loathed your existence ,in the name of an evil eye.

But, ain't you roped humans in faith and belief?

They said,you drenched humans in sorrow and pain.

They need to refresh their memory , you preached the same humans to find happiness in smaller things of life.

They blamed you for ceasing them from travelling the world.

But, didn't you make humans realize, how beautiful the world is? You made them perceive that , nature needs healing too.

They said, you whipped in damage and drowned the world in distress.

Actually you discerned​ them how priceless happiness is! You taught the value of money , in precise.

Oh dear 2020,

Thank you for giving a new vision to our lives.For reaping us with acceptance, appreciation, prayers , healing , affectionand benevolence...

No matter how much they criticize you, you will always have a special place in my heart, for I know you have been that stern teacher who bestows the best lessons in the most difficult and demanding way!​

#A letter to year 2020

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