Dear Mommy, can your child draw a butterfly?

Dear Mommy, can your child draw a butterfly?

Snigdha, a kindergarten teacher, was busy with the kids at her classroom. New session, plus thirty kids, means a lot of work.

All children were busy taking out crayons and drawing book from the bag. Arranging it on the table.
Snigdha had asked them to draw a butterfly.

She got busy with the curriculum of the year. In between she would ask them to be quite, or continue with the work given.

Little Reyansh sitting on the second bench looked puzzled.Snigdha, after 5-10 minutes got up from her chair and went to the little Reyansh. Fair, curly hair, brown eyes. As soon as he saw Snigdha approaching him, he tried to hide his notebook.

Snigdha, stroked his head. Now he looked up and said, "Miss how to draw a butterfly? How it looks? Which colours to colour it with?"

Such innocent questions. But enough to shaken up Snigdha. She asked "You haven't seen a butterfly Reyansh?"

"I've on mommy's mobile." He said innocently. "Now I don't remember how it looked." Added 4years old Reyansh.

Snigdha then went around the classroom. To her utter astonishment only 50% of the class had drawn, what could be called a butterfly. Other 50% had gone wild with imagination. From circle, square, hexagon to all obsolete shapes.

Snigdha decided to take them to the garden for the outing. Even their school playground, devoid of the greenery, didn't have butterflies.

I remember putting a lot of colour from the tube, without mixing with water, in my school days. Experimenting with different colours and folding the paper and pressing it. It would turn out to be a beautiful butterfly.

We are so busy in our day to day life, running to make the ends meet. Nuclear families, is the reason our children are away from the pleasures of the childhood.
Grandparent stories always carry them to the fairy land with with butterfly and bears etc. But now for the  company they have nannies.

PLEASE take out time for your child. Away from the virtual world of TV and mobile. Let your child experience the real beauty of nature. Running in the fresh air.'Virtual' can never beat the 'Real' experience.

I know we are surrounded by the concrete jungle, with a window or a balcony for the outside view. But instead of going to the malls and game zones; take your child to the park or long drives or the riverside. 

A little trying for our munchkins, so that they are not deprived of the real pleasure of the world.

This topic was going on for quite sometime in my mind. Hope you like it. Please press heart and share it and follow me for more.  Thanks. Happy Reading.

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