Deborah's Colourful Dress Company

Deborah's Colourful Dress Company
Debbie and Jones were renowned painters. Deborah, their beloved daughter, followed the suit. She would spend hours painting her imagination and filling colours in it. She was more inclined towards colour codes, textures, shades and effects. Her vibrant outfits defined her persona. Her wardrobe consisted of floral frocks and bright bands.

They were a happy family of five, residing in a plush locality. While Debbie and Jones were off to their art exhibitions, Deborah was left to the care of her grandparents. Her grandparents were disciplinarians. While her parents never cared about having a spick and span bedroom, her grandparents ironed their night suits as well. Her parents believed in exploring nature trails treating it as their canvas, while her grandparents had refined conversations with their peer group at home. Deborah’s parents and grandparents were antagonistic groups trying to stay in harmony within the four walls.

One day, Debbie and Jones left for a ten day exhibition held in the outskirts of the city. Deborah returned from school, finished her lunch and started painting. She was trying to capture the rising sun casting a rosy hue across the morning sky. Her little fingers were busy shading the golden fingers of sunlight. This was from her recent family trip to a cottage. While she was engrossed in finishing up her work, she accidently dropped the mango yellow colour on the crisp white duvet in her room. Deborah was nervous since she could see her clean freak grandparents stomping towards her.

Her grandparents were extremely furious with this incident. They grabbed Deborah and whacked her. She apologised and went to her room. Similar incidents kept occurring and innocent Deborah was subject to beating for dissatisfying her OCD driven grandparents in her parent’s absence. She never mentioned about this to her parents. She was ashamed to tell ‘her’ parents about ‘their’ parents. She kept staring at the torn piece of her favourite colourful frock stuck in the chair while she tried to escape the feud once. 

She was disillusioned. But she never stopped painting. However, her palate, now, consisted of black, white and grey. Crimson red or cobalt blue no longer attracted her. Debbie smilingly said, “Our daughter is growing up. She loves the blacks and whites now. She is ready for her Prom night.”

 Seven years later…..

Deborah got selected in one of the top universities in New Zealand. She completed her course with flying colours. She went on to become colour and texture specialist for dress designers. Soon, she launched her start-up, where designers consulted her before designing the outfits. Her brand name was “Yin and Yang”. While pursuing the course, she met her mentor, Ms. Dorothy, whom she worshipped for imparting all the knowledge.

Ms. Dorothy observed an aversion on Deborah’s face when clients came in to consult for colourful outfits. One day, Ms. Dorothy finally confronted Deborah. That’s when the real story unfolded. Nothing was under the wraps now. The torn piece of her colourful dress was still in her suitcase. It was a torn piece of broken confidence, shattered dreams and unseen scars.

After months of motivation, Ms. Dorothy was able to wipe off the bits of Deborah’s past. She convinced her to newly explore the greens, blues, pinks and reds. Deborah put in her best efforts to help an upcoming designer to incorporate the fuchsia pink and marigold orange combination in her creation. That costume was selected as the ‘Best costume of the year’. An ecstatic Deborah came running towards Ms. Dorothy and said, ‘We made it”. Patting her back, Ms. Dorothy said, “Don’t let your Yin overcast your Yang. 

Deborah clenched her fist with the torn cloth and declared, “Welcome to Deborah’s “Colourful Dress Company”






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