For making delicious homemade momos, the ingredients and procedure to make are given below. Enjoy the steaming momos with red hot tomato chutney.


Flour: 300 gms

Minced chicken: 200 gms

Ginger- garlic paste: 20 gms

Coriander leaves: 20 gms

Green chillies: 5 gas

Cabbage: 50 gas

Red Chilli paste: 5 gas

Garam masala powder: 5 gas

Salt and pepper as per taste

Oil for cooking 


1. Seive the flour in a bowl to that add salt and water and  knead it slowly into a medium soft dough.Keep aside.

2. In a pan add oil, when its hot, add the ginger- garlic paste and sauté, slowly mixing till it's little brownish in colour, after few minutes add the minced chicken, salt, red Chilli paste and saute on slow fire, mixing it continously. Now add garam masala powder and mix properly. 

3. Saute till oil leaves the side of the pan, switch off the gas stove and let the filling cool.

4. When cool, add Chopped coriander leaves, Chopped green chillies and Chopped cabbage leaves and mix well 

5. Divide the dough into 36 portions making small balls, balls like poori balls.

6. Roll out the ball of dough into a small disc like a small roti and stuff the stuffing of chicken inside the rolled out dough and give your desired shape. Use your hands to twist the dough to give it the required shape.

7. Stem the momo steamer and place the momos inside to stem.

8. Serve hot momos with tomato chutney 


Tomatoes: 1 kg

Oil: for frying 

Garlic: 20 flakes

Coriander leaves: 50 gms

Salt and pepper as per your taste

Chilli powder: 1 tsp

Clean and oil all the tomatoes. 

Bake the tomatoes until dark brown

Grind the garlic,  tomatoes   Coriander leaves to a fine paste.

Season with salt , pepper, Chilli powder, pepper.

Cook till thick and done.

Serve the hot momos with tomato chutney. 

Homemade yummy momos in seconds.