Did you know about Mumbai's First Pollination Centre??

"If you love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

- Van Gogh

And , along with loving the nature, comes the responsibility of nurturing. 

How much heed do we pay to it? 

Recently, I got aware about the first pollination centre of Mumbai and was amazed to know about it. 

An NGO, WE4 O2 Foundation , where three common people ( The Three Trusties Of Organization Mrs. Manjusha Desai, Mrs.Darshna Shanbahag and Mr. Ameet Dhulap) coming from different walk of life, felt an urge to spread some goodness in the society . 

With different thoughts, difference of opinions, perplexties, they thought of what better way can it be other than enriching the nature and bestowing the humans with a clean and green environment. 

With this motto, the team thought of setting up a pollination centre, at Dadar, the heart of Mumbai, with the help of Team Breathing Roots (Jayesh Lambor and Paresh Churi) 

What is a pollination centre? 

In a layman's language, pollination centre is a garden where different varieties of pollinating plants are grown which are a home for different bugs, bees and butterflies and enhance and activate pollination. 

This process definitely helps in nourishing and flourishing the plants and trees. 

This amazing pollination centre in Mumbai also gets bonus points for having many rare, Ayurvedic plants like - NagKeshar.. That adds up to its beauty and worth. 

The Team mentioned that this very pollination centre was built during the covid times, thus they faced many challenges in setting it up.. From getting the best soil to providing the best nourishment.. Every member of the NGO calls the pollination centre their baby and actively participates in its grooming and nourishment. 

Kudos and salute to such organizations who selflessly thrive to make the society worth living and to pamper the worth of nature and our natural habitat. 

WE4 O2 Organization, is also coming up with projects to recycle plastic. 

If you wish to join hands with this amazing organization in making the society and world a better place. 

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