Divine Inside and Out

Divine Inside and Out

Aarti, six year old girl had very pleasing and sharp features. She had beautiful, cute big black eyes, curly thick hair, cute little dimples on her cheeks. She looked pretty. But her skin colour was Dusky. Both her parents as well as her siblings were fair in complexion whereas Aarti was dark and dusky. She heard several comments about her different colour from her relatives. One of her Aunt call her ‘Darky’ and tease her saying that she is an adopted child. For some, her skin colour doesn’t matter but for few it was the most noticeable of her features. Moreover, they described her as ‘that little black girl’ as if she doesn’t have her own name.

Aarti couldn’t control her thoughts, feelings and emotions at her very early childhood age. She many times bursted in tears. Her parents used to only console her on her skin colour that it is GOD given and it doesn’t matter whether it is light or dark. She wished that her parents scold their siblings as well as stop her relatives when they tease on her dark complexion.

Her diminishing self-confidence and unhappiness proved to be the factor of her dusky and dark skin colour. Several incidents took place in her life. One of them was her father got her and her sister identical baby pink coloured party frock. She was enjoying the bounciness of her frilly Pink frock and pirouetting infront of the mirror. Suddenly, she heard her Aunt’s comment on the colour of the frock being unsuitable for Aarti’s complexion as compare to how pretty that looks on her sister. Moreover, her curly hair often fetched her the comment of looking like an African.

Aarti’s mirror never showed her an ‘ugly’ image. Her grievance was why her parents never asked bullies to shut their mouth and not comment on her appearance. She decided with courage that she will not care about people’s comment. She will live her life the way she dreams. She will dance and sing and wear whatever colour she likes.

Aarti’s vowed grew up to be a sweet sixteen happy and successful individual. She bruised aside all the criticism and comparison. She choosed to take the positive path in her life. She hence stopped caring and bothering her external appearance complexion as it never ceased.

In her adulthood, she got married to a lovely human being who never cared about external appearance. She was living her life to the fullest. Later, she gave birth to a healthy boy. Alas! He had taken her skin colour, another dark and dusky.

She challenged herself that never will she allow anyone to criticise his son in her presence. She will bring his son as the most confident human being. She, as a mother will always act as his friend, philosopher, guide and good role model. She want to change her inner world to change the outer world.

Her belief is depicted in the poem:

Proximity of opposites

The White beam against the Dark

That is why it flee a Mark

So does Happiness against Sorrow

Don’t disregard after night there is Morrow 

Sunlit Sky is alluring so as Dark Night Sky starlit

White clouds dazzling, dark rain beauty clouds fascinating

Bright Golden Day graceful, Dark dawn and dusk magnificent

Fair is lovely, equally Dark is Divine.

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