Divorce ???? Sssshhhh....

Divorce ???? Sssshhhh....

"How much do you read ?"  Asked a curious Yamini to Natasha. "I always see you engrossed in books."

Natasha was a beautiful young lady in her thirties, while Yamini was a highly educated woman in her forties. They had recently became friends while waiting outside their kids weekly activity class.  Their kids aged six and ten respectively had been enrolled in the same batch.

Natasha gave an awkward smile and didn't answer.  Just then, their kids came running out of the class.

The next week, Yamini asked the same question.

"Honestly, I'm stuck in a bad marriage, and books are my only escape." Declared Natasha and again got lost in her book.

Yamini was quiet for sometime. After thinking hard, she said, "We both are sailing in the same boat. We can open up with each other and feel better."

Natasha was shocked to hear this. Before she can swallow what she just heard, the kids came running to them.

The next week, Yamini asked Natasha, "Why are you continuing in this relationship with the wrong person ? Why don't you separate and be happy ? Have you talked about this to your parents ? They will definitely support you."

Natasha counter questioned, "You too are sticking with the wrong person. Why don't you separate ?"

Yamini's mind rewinded twenty years back. She was so happy when she had got married. She felt she had married the best person in the world. 

But destiny had something else in store for her.  Soon her husband had started showing his true colours. He didn't allow her to work inspite of her being highly educated. And when she rebelled, he threw her out of the house in midnight. She never wanted to come back, but considering the fact that she was the only child of a single mother, she didn't have the courage to face the world. 

She succumbed to her situation, and didn't let her mother know how her husband ill treated her.

In due time she lost her confidence. 
Due to her low self esteem and low confidence, she couldn't conceive for ten years.  And when she was blessed with a daughter, she only looked forward to nurturing good values in her.

Those ten years (before her daughter) were like a nightmare for her. Her husband neither allowed her to work, nor did he gave her a penny to use. She stopped socialising as she didn't have any topic to talk. No job, no kids, no shopping. People would ask her only one question, "Why aren't you working ?" To avoid this, she stopped socialising and eventually lost contact with her old friends.  She was in a new city with no friends, and those were not the days of social media.

Now, she regretted not taking that one bold decision years back. Her mother would have definitely supported her decision, as every mother wants to see her children happy.

"Answer me." insisted Natasha.   

With tears, Yamini smiled and said, "I don't want to go to my past and relive it, because that is no less than a nightmare."

She continued, "I don't want to know the problem in your relationship. I will only say that if you are not happy, then it's better to quit.  You are smart and beautiful. You deserve all the happiness of the world.  You have your whole life ahead."

Natasha replied, "What about my parents and my kid ? I'm continuing for them."

Yamini smiled and replied, "Your parent's happiness lies in your happiness. They always want to see you happy.  And you cannot raise happy children if you are unhappy."

It was time for them to leave. Both hugged each other with teary eyes.

The next week Natasha quietly came near Yamini and said, "I discussed with my parents. They immediately took action and called me to live at their place. I have filed for divorce."

Yamini didn't have any words to say. She had mixed feelings. She was happy that she could save Natasha. But she also knew that Natasha will have to fight a new war - against the society. The society who still looks down upon divorce and specially a divorcee.

With tears she hugged her and wished, "Best of luck ! Don't forget I'm always there for you, just like an elder sister."

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