Don't blame others

Don't blame others

Life is full of ups and downs. We experience many failure and victory in our day to day life. But the difference is victory are our hardwork and our failure are because of others.  Strange right??? 

Many of says I failed because he/she has done this/that to me that's why I failed otherwise I was overall in right path.  Think about this Path is our , hard work is our then how someone else can be the reason. 

Blaming is so easy but accepting is so hard. 

Students says to their parents. Mom /dad I did my best but my teacher doesn't teach good that's why I scored low.  Is that true? 

Some says God is not with me.  God is partial to me I did lot of hard work but he (God)  doesn't want to me to be at the top. 

But if man  did something good then man says I am here because of my hardwork. 

If God is responsible for your bad then God is responsible for your good. 

Some says I am doing good but my coulige /boss is letting me down he/she don't want me to get success. 

Stop blaming you are the one who is responsible for your success and failure.its only your hard work that diffrentiate you and others. If you get failure it only means you  didnt work hard upto the mark. Someone else has done more better than you  

Accept the truth and work hard because many victorys are waiting for you. 

Thank you for reading. 

Have a nice day .

#stay safe #stay healthy. 

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