7 Amazing Benefits of Early Morning Walk For Women

7 Amazing Benefits of Early Morning Walk For Women

Building a healthy lifestyle is as important as any other important work. We all have a tendency to complain about shortage of time. In real, it’s not about shortage of time; it’s about how we prioritize our routine work. Today everyone is busy in multitasking to save time. No one have time to join health centre or gym. Especially women find this as a big challenge and end up with ignoring their health and well being.

One of the best solutions to this is 30 minute Early Morning walk. Women are more prone to joints pain or bones related problems, depression. A morning walk is gentle for joints and fresh air is good for your nerves. A 30 to 40 minutes walk is equivalent to 2 hours of workout .Yes this is right.

What you need for early morning walk

  • A pair of good quality walking shoes
  • Compression shorts or pants
  • Sports t-shirt / sports bra
  • Hair band to tie hair
  • A sipper to carry water or juice
  • A fit band, if you want to track time and speed .
  • And most importantly a positive and motivated mind.

Here are 7 amazing benefits of early morning walk:

1. Helps in weight loss:

Weight gain or obesity is one of the main root cause of diseases. The main cause of obesity is our sedentary lifestyle. If one is want to lose weight, walking is the first step towards it. 30 to 40 minutes of brisk walk is really helpful. (One measure to quantify brisk walking is “steps per minute,” and 100 steps per minute is considered moderate intensity or brisk walking).

2. Prevents Strokes:

Now a day’s heart stroke is very common. As mentioned earlier regular morning walk helps in keeping heart strong and healthy. From time to time researches have shown that early morning walk reduces chance of a heart stroke by 40 percent. A brisk walk is that all you need.

3. Relieves Depression and give mental peace

One in ten women suffer from depression, reasons are thousand. Women generally juggle up with their personal and professional life. A morning walk can be your best friend to fight against this. You just need to get up and go out for some fresh air .

4. Protects against breast or cervical cancer

Women are prone to these two types of cancer. This is because of dull and hectic lifestyle. Morning walk can make sure that you are safer. So what you are waiting for, tie up your shoes and go for it. Fresh air and light body movement are all that you need to stay fit.

5. Lowers risk of miscarriage

First three months of pregnancy are considered to most critical. Frequent change in hormone levels could cause numerous changes in body. Walking can help in this. Gestational diabetes is very common among pregnant women. Walking helps prevent that also. It also acts as a guard against uterine contractions which often result into miscarriage.

6. Makes skin glowing and shiny

There are several beauty products such as face cream, lotions are available in the market. Skin problems and diseases are increasing day by day. Acne to Keratosis pilaris, severe skin problems are common these days. Dermatologists suggest walking and exercise that improve blood circulation in body. It helps in delaying early signs of aging.         

7. Makes you hair soft and healthy

To make skin and hair healthy, you need to be fit and healthy. Shampoos and conditioner do not help if your skin and hair not getting proper nutrition. Walking helps in balancing hormones level. As mentioned earlier it helps in improving blood circulation and do wonders for skin and hair.

Have a happy and healthy life :)

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