Emotional exhaustion! Signs to watch out for!

This article deals with the stress caused by emotional exhaustion.

Emotional exhaustion! Signs to watch out for!

The current times are very difficult. We all are dealing with lot of stress both physically and emotionally. While the physical exhaustion can be easily identified and managed, dealing with emotional exhaustion is no joke! Are you feeling stressed and fatigued without a particular reason? Do you feel on edge?

I have gone through it all and one day, I snapped! A friend of mine counselled me and helped me understand my triggers and gave me some pointers which have really helped me. I'm sharing it with you all today in the hope that you'll pass it further so that they may get the help they need,on time!

Here's the following red signs to see through that emotional stress fog:-

1) You are getting hypersensitive to the littlest things.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that you are overreacting to situations. It just means that you know instinctively that any setback or negativity is too much for you to handle and you want to just nip it in the bud. So,you react!

My advice is that do not waste your energy in 'reacting' to situations. First,figure out why you are feeling so low. No human being can sustain everything but it's important to sustain yourself by paying attention to your needs first. Just find out what makes you react, and then just ignore or deal with it later.

2) You feel like 'just giving up'.

This happens with all the Superwomen and Supermoms  who juggle with anything and everything on their plate and one day,the plate spills over and you feel empty and guilty inside.

You need to give yourself a break,woman! You can't see things as ..'All or nothing". Glass is still half full..don't view every incident as a "make -or-break"moment of your life. It isn't ! You are overwhelmed because you just can't see beyond that momentary intense and severe situation. Take a pause, and communicate with your inner self, say "enough already" and just breathe in deep.

3) You don't feel like getting out there anymore.

The current times are very testing. You are looking for answers when it is difficult to even tackle those looming questions. It is hard to get out because there is a somber feeling all around.

Just take one day at a time. We all are sailing in the same boat so you are not alone. We will all get the answers. We will all see the light at the end of dark tunnel. Just take care of what you currently need and start working from there.

4) You are getting either too vocal about your feelings or not expressing enough!

We all are dealing with emotional overload. So,any trigger sets us off. Our emotional control is low so we either shout and crib the entire day or just shrug off the caring questions on other days. Some days, even small inconveniences flip you up on the other side but on some good days, your resilience over big issues wows all. Neither sustains.

You need to check your surroundings. If young children are around, you should watch yourself. You don't want to add guilt to that list. My suggestion, use platforms like these to vent out and share your pain or start'journaling'.

5) You are craving for a change of scenario.

Believe me, I feel you. We all need to get out of this drab, laboured life and treat ourselves. Talk to your favourite salon friend and get yourself a makeover. Of course, with all safety protocols in place. I recently got my long tresses chopped off and I'm feeling light and good.

I hope my words have resonated with your thoughts. So, what are you waiting for... start planning, start journaling and start laughing again. Meet yourself..you'll be pleased to know'You'.

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