Goyenda Ginni

Goyenda Ginni


Can you believe I’ve been addicted to Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi? And, then enlightenment dawned and I couldn’t digest it any further. Though CID was different, it lost its sheen soon. The daily plodding and soporific soaps were no more my favourites.

One day, I came across ‘Goyenda Ginni’ (detective housewife) preview aired on ZeeBangla. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be any different. However, growing up on Satyajit Ray’s Feluda and Sherlock Holmes, sniffing mystery has been my favourite hobby. So I decided to give this daily soap a try.

A fun joint family set-up and the protagonist’s passion for mystery solving indeed offered something refreshing. The detective streak is already present in a mother. She can sense danger and her children’s mischief even before they happen! Credit goes to the team for this innovative idea within the same framework.

Mrs Parama Mitra, a middle-aged Bengali housewife is drawn to solving crimes by one of her relatives. She is ever-smiling but is a strong woman. Being a policeman he easily detects her appealing problem-solving tricks. She derives clues and threads to unravelling the mystery from the household itself! For example, the way we apply oil to the cake mould with our hands gives her an important cue in one case. Her doctor husband supports her adventures while her brother-in-law’s wife becomes her aide. In the beginning, she finds it difficult to juggle her household duties and her passion. However, gradually, everyone gets involved in helping her out in every way.

What a marvellous piece! It is definitely a unique sketch of the monochrome housewife portrayed on the television screen. It also depicts a healthy family construct. Maybe because of its creative demand and extra load on the brain, it ran merely for a year. How I wished it would continue like CID or Naagin!

Sad to state but today’s television series are an eyesore. There should be an end to the unrealistic depiction of relationships and women, and still segregating people in black and white. Is there any dearth of talent or creativity in our country? Or is it just the TRPs propelling the makers to feast on the banal and overtly nauseating?

Now, in real life, I’ve watched how my mother could easily catch me in stealthily devouring Sidney Sheldon when I was in class 7 or 8! She could easily bust the usual alibi of her children like stomach pain or teacher won’t be present.

Today, I wonder how my third eye got opened as I became a mother. I can always sense when the naughty little elf will be performing mischief. Reading between the lines, seeing the world through a different filter or trying to decipher the reality behind the masked faces have become a part of my being.

I think, not only me but every woman, especially a mother, is a detective. How easily she can uncover the gaslighting and mental abuses! The difference is most often she chooses to stay silent!

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