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Motherhood and its MOJO... All love begins and ends there

They say “Pregnancy is the only such thing that allows the to-be mother to fall in love with someone you never met”. That’s the first conspicuous change in my character that I realized...

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Beautiful Mistake!

When you marry at a riped age of 27 you feel that you have escaped the " Shaadi kab kar rahi ho beta ??" Walla phase. But for us right after 6 months into marriage was another evil question waiting for us " Kuch good news hai....

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Letter from a NON-MOM to all MOMS

Hey all mommies there, I understand that (fortunate) mothers are not always picture perfect, manicured or pedicured. And that your lives are chaotic,u messy, hectic and you all love that right? The best part of it is, that...

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