Every Woman's Story- Blog post by Dr. Mrinalini Kakkar

Every Woman's Story- Blog post by Dr. Mrinalini Kakkar

Tring! Tring! Tring!

The phone bell rang and it was 6 am. A call from an unknown number. I crossed my fingers and answered the call, said, "Hello!".

A trembling voice, pagal ho gaye eh (she has gone mad)....

I was like what, whose this?

From another side, "I am Riya\"s husband, and your friend has turned insane. She is creating mess in our house, take her away".

I was in a shock state, but before I could say anything, the call got disconnected.

I havn't talked to Riya for almost five months.

She is my college friend, and immediately her flawless beauty came in front of my eyes.

After an hour, I called her, and before I could ask her anything, she pleaded, "Please take me away from this place, they will kill me". I tried to console her, but she was repeating, those words only...

Thank God, I had her mother's number. I called her and told the whole story. She was very much normal and said, "She is at Riya's place only. She is going through severe depression from a few months and her medical treatment is in the process. So, don't worry, be relaxed".

I went into trauma, how such a beautiful and cheerful girl became a victim of a deadly mental disorder and her mother was behaving so normal. I could smell something fishy.

I thought of calling her daily. But, whenever I called her...she repeated the same words, they will kill me and similar statements.

One day, she told me, how her husband and family demoralize her, don't allow her to go out. She is living a horrible life, and their demand of a male child has made her victim of this mental stage.

Then, I thought of calling her husband to discuss this issue. When I talked to him, his response was totally different from what she told me and said don't call us again.

I was like what the F**k?

Am I a fool or free?

Have I wasted my time on this issue?

However, deep down my heart, I was confident that Riya can't be like that, what he told me.

Then after that day, whenever I called her, her number was either switched off, or no reply come. She is not active on any social networking websites, her husband and mother have blocked my number.

The reasons remained as questions in my mind and answers to which, I am still exploring;

Why I have not listened to my heart and took her to my place?

I could have saved her from those horrific people.


Mental issues like anxiety, depression, trauma and feeling of worthlessness and low self-esteem have become quite common amongst different age groups these days and that are more common in women more then men.

You cage her in the four walls of house, giving an assurance, that you are earning for her, but remember, she doesn't not material wealth, SHE NEEDS YOUR TIME.

You say, she expects a lot, why she shouldn't, she came leaving her dreams and aspirations, transforming herself to fit into the space, but she always remain from "DURSA GHAR".

If she shouts, she is insane,

If she adjusts, you rule again,

If she demands, she is greedy,

If she gives unconditional, it's her duty.

Why, Why and Why?

It's easy to say, she needs a medical attention,

But dear darling society, wear her shoes, and then pose the similar questions. She need space, communication, respect and love.

Talk, Talk and Talk...

Stay healthy, Stay Happy!

* Based on a true story.

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