“Love your wife as you want your daughter to be loved”

“Love your wife as you want your daughter to be loved”

Father of every daughter should imbibe this thought: “Love your wife as you want your daughter to be loved”

It usually happens with most of us. When our acquaintances encounter our hubbies and observes them, loving our daughters altruistically and with all judiciousness, they often say what a loving father he is.Some of the wives feel gratified and responses “yeah and I am fortunate, he is a loving companion too” but few just beams and ponders that “I wish I would be loved in the same way”!

Yes, everyone in this planet emanates with their engraved fates. And it’s factual also, we can’t get all in the life. But as a wife, we continuously spectacle that, how a one person who means a world to their daughters, doesn’t care for their consorts with the similar passion!

There is no conflict or rivalry amid wives and daughters, in fact it makes all the wives delighted that their daughters are treasured and revered immensely by their fathers.

But dads often overlook that they are a companion too, and they have certain commitments for their wives as well. They meticulously disregard the fact that, their daughters comprehend them as their role model and their callous demeanour towards their wives can detriment their daughter’s feelings and shatter their dreams of an ideal companion.

Screaming, debasing and letting down wives will certainly not help any kinfolk to evolve and live in harmony. Men should comprehend their wives’ feelings and respect them. Wives also desires a gesture of gratitude for the boundless trades they do for their kin. And if hubbies will superintend their wives sacrifices, how they will outlast!

Dear menDisplay the equivalent concerns for your wives when they get sick, show the consistent affection and warmth as you show to your daughters when they fall sick”. 

When father’s pursuit for their daughter’s life companions,they always want their daughter’s partners to be thoughtful and affectionate towards their daughters, and if they doany erroneous to their sweet daughters, they(fathers) will not dawdle to break their limbs. Pat on dads back for this level of prudence toward their daughters.

But don’t forget wives are someone’s daughters too, so it’s hubby’s obligation to keep them euphoric and courteous. Be a virtuous and kindhearted husband, love and appreciate wives too, and not ever swindle.

These innocent girls always keep an eye on their father’s behavior towards their moms, so be an exemplar of trustworthy, adoring and concerned companions! Your daughters will idolize you more for your magnanimous endeavours!


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