Freeing her shackled soul

Freeing her shackled soul

"She isn't talking to me..."

" Not to me,either..."

Sukanya got dressed maintaining her mute mood.Her ears didn't fail to catch the audible whispers.She chuckled to herself,quietly.Most of the time they consciously forget her presence.And now,as she had stopped "blabbering",three pairs of eyes were scrutinising her constantly as if some landslide had happened in their mansion.

"Enough of your mounavrata!Speak up!!What's wrong with you?Why are you behaving so weird?And all these packing?What's going on??" Subroto growled.

" I am going on a solo trip." Sukanya said finally.

Her son was the first who managed to mouth words.

" trip..where?And who booked you the tickets,the hotel?"

"Maa,you don't even know how to place an order online.And you are going on a solo trip.Heavens!" Her daughter suppressed a smile.

Sukanya looked at them.This was her family!The ones she could die for!The ones who wake up in the morning and go to their respective workplaces while she flies like a shuttle cock to serve them.

She smiled.

"Yes.It took years for me to realise that I could expect nothing from the people I hail to be my close ones,not even from my own kids who have always mocked their mother's shortcomings and backwardness.Henceforth I have started taking care of myself and a solo trip is the need of the hour to spend some me-time.And yes!I have booked the tickets and hotel all by myself by searching the websites.By the way,my train leaves in two hours.Take care!"

She pulled her trolley and went outside as an uncomfortable silence prevailed in the room.


As the chilly breeze of Kurseong blew her locks,Sukanya sipped her Darjeeling tea and cherished the majestic beauty of Kanchenjunga from the balcony of her homestay.This solo trip was special in many aspects!It freed a timid housewife from the shackles of unappreciated responsibilities and made her realise her worth.Neither a wife nor a mother...but a woman who prioritised her well-being the most.

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