Geeta learns the art of detachment

Geeta learns the art of detachment

“Maa! In two more days I will be dropping you in Ram’s house. They must be missing you. You stayed here for a good number of days. Jia loves listening to your stories. She will miss you when you go there. Let me know if you need anything before I drop you there,” said Anand to his mother Geeta.

“I’m glad my sons take good care of me,” she said and retired to bed.


Geeta was widowed after the birth of her second son Ram. Her husband used to own a local grocery shop. They struggled hard to make ends meet. One day while returning home from the shop he died in a hit and run accident. Geeta’s life was completely shattered after the incident. She was left in a quagmire of uncertainties. Many of her relatives suggested giving away her sons for adoption as she would be unable to single handedly run the family. But her sons were the only source of happiness to her.

She did not even have time to grieve for the loss. She was not educated so she found it hard to find work. At last her sewing skills saved her. Working in double shifts as a tailor in an export company she supported her family. Fortunately when she was not around her Mom took care of the children.

Apart from that she also made Papads and  Namkeens and sold them to friends. This ensured some extra income. It was back breaking but her only goal in life was to ensure good schooling for her sons so that they come out in flying colours.

“Why don’t you take some time off and go out and relax for a while, Geeta. I will take care of the children. Don’t you need a break?” her mother would tell her every once in a while.

But Geeta used every available opportunity to work hard and make extra money so that her childrens’ wants and needs were met.

Her sons did really well in school. Both of them secured admission in reputed engineering colleges. They also did their masters and were recruited in renowned IT companies. They found the women of their dreams and got married. Having become old she preferred to stay with them.


Geeta packed her bags. She had to leave the next day to her second son, Ram’s house. As she was sleeping she heard some noise outside her room. She woke up and when she was about to open her bedroom door she heard her daughter in law Seeta shout.

“How can Ram say that? He is supposed to take care of your mother for the next six months. He’s just shrugging off from his duties. We lose our privacy when your mother is around.”

“You are right. Maa is getting older. We are unable to travel or vacation because of her. She’s a big hurdle. And Ram is refusing to take her in. He’s just giving lame excuses,” he retorted.

Tears of pain and agony trickled down Geeta’s eyes.

She had dedicated her entire life to make sure her sons had a bright future. She had never imagined even in her dreams that she would turn out to be a hurdle for them. After all the sacrifice she made it felt her as if her life shattering was before her eyes.

“Don’t my sons love me anymore? I lived for them. Was that worth it?” she thought.

She wanted to question him as she was filled with mixed emotions. As she was about to open the door and go out she heard her inner voice speaking…

“Geeta, wait! Is this what you want to do? You are a mature woman filled with wisdom. It is time you detach yourself from everything. Though you feel that you are not receiving a fair treatment, this is not the way you should be handling it. Learn to tackle this issue in a dignified manner. Just let it go by accepting the reality.”

Geeta paused. She tossed and turned in her bed the entire night and finally she had made up her mind.

In the morning as she was sipping her cup of coffee she spoke with her son.

“ Anand ! I’ve been thinking lately about how I want to spend the rest of my life. I want to settle down in Kashi. You know pretty well that I am a very spiritual person. I may not be physically present for you all in future but my blessings and wishes will always remain. Please make arrangements for my travel as soon as possible.”

“But Maa! Why this sudden decision? Did you hear my conversation with Seeta yesterday night?”

“Oh No. I was sound asleep dear. I don’t think I understand your question.”

Geeta did not want her son to know that she had made the decision after listening to the conversation.

“Ok Maa! But we will miss you very much. Please, please come back after a few months.”

“No dear. You all can visit me if you wish to. I want to live there.”

Anand was left speechless. He did not expect this from his mother. He made all the arrangements for her stay in Kashi.

In a week’s time Geeta was all set to leave. She had handled so many ordeals in her life. This was just another challenge and she knew she could handle it. She waved them all goodbye and boarded the train. With a smile in her face she embarked a new journey. She was prepared to learn the art of detachment in order to spend the rest of her life peacefully.

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