Give me my due!

Give me my due!

Okay, now is the time for us to take a long walk..

it's my turn today to start the long due talk!

No longer can it wait,

I am ready to say what I've been feeling..

And I'm ready to know from you..

why is it that we share the same gender and yet..

why can't you give me my due!!?


Mother.. oh mother

Let me start with you..

Tell me the reason why I'm unable to tug at your heartstrings as much as my dearest brother..

tell me why he just has to study well and I have to learn every chore to prove I'm a worthy daughter!

Tell me why he is established as your legacy carrier and the responsible one.,

when it is me who cries all night for your well being and not he.. your only son!

I have never failed you in any of my duties

even when he started afar a life anew..

So tell me my dear mother

why can't you give me my due?


Mom in law.. mother of my life partner..


I now put my question to you..

Tell me the reason why you berate me so crudely every chance you get..

when it is You..who chose and blessed to be your son's life mate, how this fact can you forget?


Can't you see,I am Now what You once used to be,


This role itself should be enough to make you empathise with me..

Together, we can carry the legacy of the good old and start something new..

So, tell me my dear mom in law,

Why can't you give me my due?


My dearest friend, my confidante..

I now come to you...

Tell me the reason why our pillow talks turned into the nasty fights..

Why we changed our lingo from 'c'mon yaar' to sorry, thank you , wrongs and rights..

What we mean to each other, should not turn into a game..

Where One wins and the other loses and nothing remains the same..

Let us reminisce those beautiful times when you were my biggest rooter and I was the only crony for you..

So, think, ponder and then honestly tell me,

Why can't you give me my due?


My colleague.. my mentor

My query now is addressed to you..

Tell me the reason why you feel the need to push me down

when I just want to learn and be like you..

Gender equality at work place is your issue too..

you might not agree with me but I'm afraid it is True..

Instead of fighting amongst us, why can't we be pulling together..

And make the journey of success of every woman, a proud joint endeavour..

Let us not intimidate each other and allow each a fair share of atta girl and Yoohhoo


So, tell me my comrade, do I still need to ask..

Why can't you give me my due?


To all the women out there...

My last appeal is to you..


Equality is not a privilege, its a human right..

All genders on spectrum should be able to shine bright..


The interest in this movement must come through..

Now or never, if not us then who ?!

So, I ask you now my lovelies.. did my words ring a bell so true..

When I ask you to stand by me,

Won't you give me my due?

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