'Happy Birthday Mummyji' - To watch or not to watch?

The stupendous actress, Shefali Shah, brings a hearttrending story in this 14 minutes short film, released on the OTT platform - YouTube.
This short film is also the directorial debut of Shefali Shah. This film features Shefali Shah in the lead and solo role, the film is written by Shefali herself and is directed by her as well.

' Happy birthday mummyji ' touches a very common and debatable issue of women being taken for granted. Though very predictable, the film still keeps us gripped through the amazing acting of Shefali Shah and the brilliantly put plot.

The film begins with a scene where Shefali's character is seen preparing for her mother-in-law's 75th birthday, while her family seems uninterested.

Due the covid lockdown, the party gets cancelled and Shefali gets locked at the party location, all alone. She still tries to manage the husband and his sisters to visit mummyji and give her a surprise. Her MIL and SIL's constant mocks make her realize how her husband and family had taken her granted for years.

That moment makes her perceive that she needs to value herself. There's also a scene in the film where the actress is seen unhooking her bra and embracing her solitude.

The whole movie revolves around Shefali Shah, and her scintillating performance keeps us gripped throughout.

The only drawback was the predictable storyline, that actually doesn't give us much space to enjoy the short film.

This short film leaves us with a deep thought as to how much do we prioritize ourselves and our happiness.

The last scene of the movie astounds the viewers, where the actress fakes a lie to her husband, only to spend some time with herself and relish self-love.

For a 14 minute movie, the story line seemed a little slow.' Happy birthday mummyji ' is a one time watch only in the name of Shefali Shah's splendid acting.

Thank you for taking out time to read my review❤

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