Happy Children's day!!

Happy Children's day!!

I am going to be in my 4O's in some years and it makes me concerned. Yes, it makes me worried about health and fitness. Will I be healthy enough to dance in my post-40s?? Will I be fit enough to play cricket matches?? Will I be naughty enough to crack those funny jokes?? Will I be sexy enough to flaunt in my shorts???

Does it sound funny??

It may be to some!!

However, for me, that's more concerning part as I feel I am still a child and I want to live the same active and delightful child invariably. It's an innocent version of mine which comes out now and then. Yes, I am still a child!

I am a child when I yearn for my mom's love and sob to meet her, hug her and just be with her.

I am a child when I don't treat myself as a mature mother to my children and crazily playing with them to the level they start treating me as their buddy.

I am still a child when I laugh watching cartoons and superheroes movies with my little children.

I am a child when I listen to my husband chastising for not being taken care of my health. He then comes and pampers me and then bribes me my special chocolate.

I am still a child when I fight with my brothers for grabbing the biggest share of the cake made by my mom.

I am still a child when I bet with my friends for a stupid challenge.

I am still a child when I jump with joy to see a little surprise gift given by my family.

I am still a child when I pretend to sleep but actually on the phone accessing Facebook or writing blogs. It's just to save myself from hubby's annoyance as he prefers all to sleep on time.

I am still a child when I believe in everybody and their innocence. I don't find anyone wrong in this world because the little child inside me makes me feel so.

Yes, I love this version of mine and I too want to get treated like a child. What's the necessity to give up your innocence, purity of thoughts, activeness and giggle.

Let the child grow within you. Happy Children's day to us!!


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