Happy moms, happy home; make yourself a priority. Part- 2 (conclusion)

Reema called out, "food is ready," cheerfully.  Sameer came to the dinning table quickly. 'Famished,' he uttered. "What, you mean I don't give you food," said Reema in anger?

Happy moms, happy home; make yourself a priority. Part- 2 (conclusion)

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Reema called out, "food is ready," cheerfully.  Sammer came to the dinning table quickly. 'Famished,' he uttered. "What, you mean I don't give you food," said Reema in anger?

Sameer scratched his forehead, 'when did I say so,' while keeping mum. He cringed seeing pumpkin again. "Reema you can try other veggies also other than bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin," he added bitterly. 'See, now Reema.' Reema thought angrily.  "Why what's wrong with pumpkin and it's good for heart," added Reema maintaining her composure. "Nothing, only I might end up malnourished," added Sameer grumpily.

"So, I'm fat, will continue looking one and only you will become lean," added Reema angrily. Sameer finished his lunch quietly wondering, 'when did I say so.' Juhi as usual had 'rice- dal' while playing with her 'barbie'. 'Who would suffer in the kitchen when Juhi eats only dal-chaval, very thoughtful of me,' thinking so, smiled Reema

After one hour of cleaning and scrubbing she stretched her legs, 'life 24/7 inside the home, cooking- cooking', she thought sorrowfully. Thinking so she dozed off with Juhi on one side.

Evening was same like morning. Both of them watched news while sipping tea along with rusk. Juhi had her glass of milk.

For dinner again Reema called, "food is ready," ofcourse cheerfully because she was serving 'khichdi'. Sameer came engrossed in his mobile as usual. 'What luxury,' she thought inwardly. Seeing khichdi Sameer cringed. Glanced upon Juhi having porridge. "I think I will have like Juhi," said he. 'Baby's food much better than us, adults', he thought bitterly. "Why not, but for today comply with khichdi," said Reema maintaining her composure. 'Serves him right for calling me fat,' thought Reema smiling.

How we, the ladies have to maintain our home as well as our composure. Tough on us. Poor us. But we have all the tricks under our belts. Right from the 'cold treatment' to 'food'. Serve right at the right time. Just be careful to not to lose the spark and your mind, i.e, peace of mind. Lady like  composure, intact always.

"Aa lag ja gale se ki fir ye haseen raat ho na ho; shayad is janam main mulakat ho na ho,"  Sameer was humming. Reema was combing her hair after washing her face and applying night cream. She was very particular with her night care routine. Or her day care; in general, her beauty regime. She would never compromise. "Looks, looks, looks, that's what matters," she said to herself softly before shifting her attention towards Sameer. Hearing him humming, she was in love with him, all over again. 'Peculiar, one moment I'm mad at him.and next minute falling for him.all over again,' she thought to herself.

Quietly, she went to the kitchen and made coffee, exactly the way Sameer liked. Coming to the living room, Sameer still humming, now, "huma tumse pyar kitna,  hum ni jante, magar jee nhi sakte tumhare bina," joined in Reema. Sameer looked up and smiled, stretched his hand to pull Reema. Reema placed the tray on the table and sat cosily with Sameer. "Jaanu, you are the best, how did you know I wanted coffee," he asked softly still embracing Reema. "Whenever you are humming at night I know exactly what you want," she said naughtily, her cheeks turning pink. Sameer gave a husky laugh and kissed her.

Next morning, scene totally different in their household. "Food is ready," called Reema chirpily. Sameer came holding Juhi for the breakfast. Sight of poori-aloo and he was smiling ear to ear. He served his plate, rolled a poori- aloo for Juhi, then went to the kitchen to feed Reema from his plate while she was still frying poori. Reema chuckled, "how's it." "Oh! you are the best cook", then suddenly he bent his head as if thinking something. Reema as if reading his mind laughed, "ofcourse no where closer to mummyji," referring to her mom-in- law. Sameer smiled and said "no..no but pretty close. Awesome you are, as you are, and I love you," said Sameer picking up another poori from the plate and going for some more aloo from the dinning table.

He was deep in thoughts, while eating.
She has left her home and made my house 'home.' How bored I was before marriage, would loath holidays but now I look forward to holidays. She has brought smile, laughter and above all happiness in my life.

Ladies are always giving their time and energy and putting everyone above them. They may also have 'mood swings' at times. Mind you, ladies are more prone to 'mood swings', due to the harmonal changes.
So, make them feel good. If you cannot deal with them at their bad times; men, you don't deserve them at all; at their good times too!

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