Her Bindi Her Choice

Her Bindi  Her Choice

Bindi , a beautiful mark in between the eyebrows  . A woman's beauty is multiplied by thousands times when she wears a bindi . It catches one's eyes when a woman with a beautiful bindi . Being a sign of beauty , the look of a woman is incomplete without a bindi . Women traditionally wear the bindi are red or maroon dot that symbolises the Hindu Goddess Shakti.

Bindi is the integral part of Indian woman's beautification process and has evolved as an Indian woman's pride and importance . It is also considered a symbol for warding off evil or bad luck .

A bindi not only enhance the beauty of a woman , but also has some traditions behind wearing a bindi . A bindi is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Bindu' and suggests the mystic third eye (Ajna) chakra . Wearing a bindi on forehead is a way to strengthen and retain the energy in the third eye chakra . The dot on the forehead  is a reminder to be conscious our spirituality when we catch a glimpse on it in a mirror . These are worn with a religious , cultural and social significance . 

It is considered to be a converging point for nerves and a massage is believed to releive the headaches . By massaging this area too releive stress and tiredness . It can calm our mind and increases concentration power . It clears up sinus and improves blood circulation  . 

Be the traditional ways or from scientific point of view a bindi has its own essence . Bindis of different colours have different aspects to wear it .

Our Hindu society has a different preconceived mind that a red bindi can only be worn by a married woman . A widow can not wear a red bindi as the it considers as a marital symbol of a married woman . 

If a red bindi is considered as the symbol of Hindu Goddess Shakti then why the society has the misbeleif of wearing a red bindi by a widow??

If the red colour represents honour , dignity and prosperity then why a woman cannot wear a red bindi whose husband is died?? 

Wearing a red bindi symbolises the power , the power of divinity . So doesn't a widow need  the power of divinity??

The right what to wear and how to wear , solely depends on own's choice , isn't it?? It's one's personal choice and we all have to respect it . We should broaden our perspective a bit more and start respecting women irrespective of what they choose . If we can't understand her choices , we don't have to pass judgements . The society doesn't have the right to comment the ideas and choices of a woman . It is only the choice of her wearing a red bindi when her husband is alive or after the death of her husband .

HER BINDI IS HER PRIDE , let not be so judgemental about wearing a red bindi of a widow , afterall she has too her emotions and feelings of wearing a red bindi . 


Sudha ❤️

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