Her bindi -the bond between two.

Her bindi -the bond between two.

"Maa, look at me. Tell me which bindi I should wear with my Haldi ceremony dress?" Neha asked her mother Usha.

Neha was so excited. And why would she not be, after all, it was her marriage with her childhood sweetheart Ravi.

She was busy shopping for her dresses and all the other accessories to wear with it.

Among all those accessories, the bindi was her favourite. It was very close to her heart since her love story started due to a packet of the bindis. 

When she was in 8th standard,  she was getting ready for a classical dance performance on her school’s annual day celebration. Suddenly she realised that she didn’t have a bindi in her makeup box. And classical dance costume without bindi seemed an incomplete attire. Ravi being volunteer backstage noticed this.

He rushed to his mom sitting in the audience and asked him to give him her packet of the bindis and gave it to Neha.

His thoughtfulness and caring nature impressed her and that’s when their love story began.

After 8 years in a soulful relationship, they decided to get married.

Today she was getting married to the man of her dreams.She chose the most beautiful bindi for her marriage.

She looked gorgeous in red lehenga with golden embroidery and green chunar( veil). Her Jodha Akbar style jewellery was adding to her beauty.A round red bindi on her forehead was like a red moon on her glowing face, enhancing her beauty.

Ravi and Neha's wedding ceremony, Varmala (Exchange of garlands.) The moment when the garlands of sweetly scented flowers are exchanged signifies the couple's acceptance of marriage and the start of their life together, followed by pheras, (seven circumambulations) took around two hours.The bindi on her forehead was proudly announcing her as the wife of her beloved husband Ravi.

Everything happened peacefully and it was time for her to leave. The groom's family was ready to welcome the newlywed bride.Happiness and enthusiasm were at their peak. The groom's friends and cousins started to dance on the beat of dhol (drum). 

The beat tickled the dancing bones of non-dancers too. The mood was settled by the Nagin dance of Ravi's friend.

Suddenly one of his drunk relatives pulled out firearms and began celebratory shots into the air at the wedding.

These celebratory shots are accepted in some of the states in India. Everyone was so indulged in dancing and celebrating that nobody noticed that a bullet had penetrated Ravi's chest.It was when he collapsed everyone realised the disaster that occurred.

Ravi was rushed to the nearest hospital but he succumbed to his injury.

Within an hour, Neha's life turned upside down. From a newly married woman, she was now a widow of Ravi.
The shock left an immense impact on her life.

Her red bindi, which was the reason behind their bond is no longer allowed to shine on her forehead.
Her bindi was not with Her any more.Her bindi was been snatched away from her, forever.

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