Her First Solo Epiphanous Trip

Her First Solo Epiphanous Trip

Reva abandoned her highly lucrative career as a Java Analyst in one of the topmost IT companies only to realize her true calling.  Being an ardent nature lover, nature and mountains attracted her and she found an inimitable solace in her lap.

Being with nature gave way to her fermented anxiety, and it was during the first-ever solo trip that the epiphany dawned on her. She was meant for bigger things; she wasn’t meant to be cemented to one particular place.

It was during her first solo trip to ‘The Kanchenjunga’ she was in absolute awe. To her, the mountains rose as a rocky yet stoic decoration of hope. The mountain top seemed like the artistry of the horizon with unlimited possibilities. Amidst the pristine air, she felt the expansion of her soul. The gigantic mountains, disrupted the monotony of mundane plain lands, displaying sustainability and growth through its beauty to the world. It was during this solo trip to the mountains, a palpable epiphany dawned on her. Amidst the ethereal beauty of nature, she was at ease. She felt as if nature, the mountains wanted to bestow her something that would truly make her happy and exuberant.

Since her childhood days, she wanted to do something that’s disparate and diverging.

Today it’s been almost two decades, Reva has been residing in a minuscule cottage amidst the mountains. It is here that she found her true calling during her first-ever solo trip.

Over the past two decades, she has been instrumental in educating the less privileged children in the hilly areas. Other than that, Reva is still active in the anti-slavery movements, having written several books on the topic. Albeit, her work required extensive travel, even that couldn't deter her from devoting additional time for educating her students.

She has been an active member, who has been arduously working with UNICEF and her country’s government to encourage more and more children to be educated. Thereby ending the stony regime of child slavery. In her words “Education is the mother of success. If we want a better tomorrow, we’ve to work on the present despite the trammels”.

In her recent interview, post receiving ‘The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting’ award as a visionary broadcaster by UNICEF, she proudly stated “My first ever solo trip was epiphanous. It is then I deciphered my true calling. These innumerable less privileged children had so much untapped potential which I thought of harnessing amicably. As we all know, cooperation is the only path to a good future, one of abundance, one of technology, and one of peace. If we want our children to grow up to be thoughtful and engaged citizens, we should help them be part of social change now.”

Despite being offered a service apartment, she was content doing her bit residing in the minuscule cottage. Every morning those mountains creating a bold silhouette kept reminding her, that she is meant for much bigger assignments. Hence, the pursuit of making the world a better place continued…




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