Her mood swings!!

Her mood swings!!

Woman and her mood swings are unpredictable, Some moods are in fun and others in dismay.

She is confused about how to behave, Her mind mumbles something but she commits the opposite way.

Is it because of her personality or distress? No, it's all her hormones which dabble a game.

All irritate to see her altering mood swings, However, she becomes vulnerable to explain the reason for it.

The bloody stains are not only in her pads, It's actually beyond the body and her reproductive parts.

The abdominal pain that she suffers all night, How can the morning be a blissful flight?

Colour, food and options she keeps changing, As just trying to protect herself from cramps and sufferings.

Ovulation blesses her with a sign of conceiving, Yet some get a weird discharge that is even more annoying.

This duration drags her closer to the partner, It's infuriating to know that he leaves for work travel.

Breast pain also comes to exhibit its superiority, It makes it stiff which was contrarily delicate sovereignty.

It's so painful for her to move upper body portions, It feels like she is holding loads of temptations.

Pregnancy is the phase which is a blessing, But the hormones come and fiddle their wonderful inning.

She bounces in a joy-full of emotions, Sometimes screams as if she is a baby in loose motion.

Postpartum again is a new journey with reversed hormones, That boost her sometimes with negative vibrations.

Menopause is a time when a woman gets freedom, From the monthly cycle and freaking rhythm.

However, it's a phase her hormones dance on tunes, Sometimes she is sweating and other times in perfumes.

She is always confused about her behaviour towards herself, As she is all lost in the game of female edition.

It's complicated to live in a woman's body, As her mood swings have no upright journey.

All should keep their unconditional love for her, Even when she is upset or ruffled like in a war.

Give her space and care her with little sentiments, As you aren't aware of the tussle she is bridging within herself.

Let's make her life a little less complicated, Don't judge her always with the mood swings that are just prey.

Thanks for reading,

Sagarika Sahoo

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